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30 Days of Honoring the Daemonic Divinities

Well, I’ve researched long enough that I am bored with the Lenormand. I originally thought this Domagick challenge started August 1st, so I bought my cards all the way back in July. I didn’t start using them then, but I did read their guidebook cover-to-cover. I’ve read two more books on the subject since and memorized the Lenormand’s basic meanings. Here is a “cheat-sheet” I made for myself based on what I’ve read. Feel free to download it for you own use as long as you credit the original author. I also learned how to read “runs” of three cards.

No matter how different the Lenormand is, learning it wasn’t as much of a challenge as I thought it would be, especially with the great books I’ve read. (I highly recommend Learning Lenormand by Katz and Goodwin.) I’m definitely not ready for Le Grand Tableau and I need a lot more experience, but I don’t want to spend another month just drawing a single card a day. It will be repetitive—and I will be cranky. Thankfully, I know what I want to do instead.

During the two years I was in the Goetia Immersion program, I often felt called to work again with the Daemonic Divinities, nine daemons that traditional Daemonolaters hold in especially high regard. There never seem to be any time. I had to finish working with 72 other daemons first. I’m done my Goetia studies now. The timing for working with the Nine isn’t perfect, but I’m going to swept into seminary studies soon. Besides, the whole point of these challenges is to do magick every day, not on the ideal one. It’s only through consistency that real progress occurs.

One September 1st, I will remake my prayer cord, one of the first things I did as a Daemonolater. I will use it each day to pray and make an offering to the Nine for the rest of the month. This will be my prayer:

This knot is for Lucifer, Lord of Air, that I harness the winds of enlightenment.
This knot is for Flereous, Lord of Fire, that I bask in the heat of desire.
This knot is for Leviathan, Lord of Water, that I swim in the depths of wisdom and empathy.
This knot is for Belial, Lord of Earth, that I remain on stable ground.
This knot for Satan, Lord of the Cosmos, that I connect to the spirit of all things.
This knot for Unsere, Lord of Life, that I thrive and have many fruitful days.
This knot for Eurynomous, Lord of Death, that I weather change eternal.
This knot for Amducius, Lord of Destruction, that I crush all obstacles opposing me.
This knot for Verrine, Lord of Healing, that I strive for fitness and vitality.
Long may I love the Nine, and long may they reign.

(The prayer is adapted from an article by S. Connolly and a blog post by Jeremy at Scholastica Magikana.)

Afterward, I’ll pull three Lenormand cards and see what the daemons might have to say. If their message is super personal, I’ll censor it. Otherwise, I’ll post the results of my efforts here.

That’s it. Pretty basic, right? I used the same process when I get to know the Daemonic Divinities the first time, with the addition of the Lenormand. Now that I have the time to reacquaint myself with them, it only makes sense that I try it again. My ritual space is currently going through some upheaval too. Unless I want to do everything in the astral—and I don’t—my magick must use as little gear as possible this month. I can do this with very little stuff on hand.


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