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Summoning the Confidence to Succeed!

Another Domagick challenge has come to an end. As I mentioned previously, the latest one concentrated on summoning, a topic I find a little bit touchy as a Daemonolater. I chose to call up a magickal persona instead, a confident and knowledgeable personality that would help me fulfill my goals with greater ease. This was different for me than invoking a confident god or a wise goddess and asking for their blessings. I put my writer’s mind to work and figured out what kind of character could succeed at my goals, then channeled that character into me like they were an independent spirit. Summoning the character wasn’t formal in the ceremonial sense, but a meditation on their traits and habits. After I was “in character,” I completed whatever task I’d set out accomplish before dismissing the character again.

Whether you call it “fake it ’til you make it” or psychological magick, the technique proved extremely effective. Although I never stated it publicly, my main goal during during this challenge was to get myself enrolled in school and to secure funding for my tuition. I had good reason for being quiet about my plans, however, since I’d failed to gain funding the last time I tried (and advertised that magick publicly). This time, I received news I’d been approved just a few days into the challenge, such a quick turnaround after last year’s round-around that I nearly didn’t trust my success. I kept using the magickal persona to guarantee that paperwork would go smoothly and that there would be no other hiccups. In the end, the funds arrived early. These were such concrete goals and so important to me that they were easy to picture, and thus easy for the magickal persona to work with in both the spiritual and mundane realms.

This was also the case when I used the magickal persona to assist with my sales at work, again something I could picture in a concrete way. On the other hand, when I tried to use the magickal persona to help me write fiction, I produced about as much as normal. I felt like a character wearing a character. Character-ception! I began playing with the idea of designing another magickal persona for fiction alone, but just wrote the tale from the inside as per usual. I have the beginning of something, maybe, but my word count was not where I would have liked it to be. Honestly, I found myself too distracted with all the things I had to do for school. (Besides that, every extra bit of space in my cranium was filled up with information on runes. Runes! Coming out my ears.) All things considered, I’m not sure that was the technique’s failing or mine.

I know the next ten months will be a time of change. How and what I post will change because who I am will change. I’m going back to school to study design, so hopefully that aspect of my blog will improve! Truthfully, I often find myself frustrated when it comes to what I can share with the public. So many of my ideas are visual, but I simply haven’t had the technical skills to present them in the past. Fates willing, I’ll possess them in the future. Then I’ll be able to blend words and visuals more in the way I want, when I want, making me more independent.

Wish me luck!


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