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Coffin Card – Why Is it Stalking Me?

As you may have noticed, I took a couple of days off. It was Thanksgiving up here in Canada, and while my family doesn’t get overly excited about that, I blogged now for nearly 40 days in a row. I needed some time to myself if only to get the beginning of my next book in order. I’m pleased to announce the ideas behind it are starting to solidify!

I didn’t abandon my cards or my work with the Death Daemonic during my time away, however. I continued daily personal readings and contemplation. Today’s Month of Spreads doesn’t interest me terribly much, though, so I think I will skip it too and go back to Day Nine: Stalker Cards. It’s aimed at helping you figure out why certain cards so up over and over in your readings.

During the month I devoted to the nine Daemonic Divinities, both the Snake and the Coffin card showed up repeatedly. While I think the situation involving the Snake card has been put to bed, I want to make sure that the Coffin card is appearing purely due to my work with the Death Daemonic this month. It is one of those challenging Lenormand cards I’ve mentioned a few times, and can point to upcoming misfortune. I want to be careful!

To find out why a particular card has been stalking you, shuffle your divination of choice until you feel satisfied, and then turn your deck over and find your stalker card. In this case, I looked for the Coffin card. The card to my left represented the reason why the Coffin card keep showing up in my readings. The card to the right of the Coffin indicates what I can do to better understand the Coffin’s message.

Reason the Coffin is stalking me – The Snake – a difficult person, jealousy, arrival, envious behaviour, complexities, lies, pride, upset

How I can better understand the Coffin’s message – The Bear – boss, power, influence, capital, protection, empowerment, benefits, accumulation

The Coffin itself – end, finish, misfortune, illness, final, unlucky, redundant, declining, silent

If I read this as a sentence, it could mean that silent complexities are piling up. Since we read towards the bear, it could also be read as an end to complexities brings protection. I think it is more likely that I’m being told to end the some of the complexities of my life, and that Death has entered my life as a protectorate. I often pray to the Death Daemonic in this way.

As suggested by Tarotprose, I checked with another deck to find out why the coffin card was stalking me. These were what I pulled:

Reason the Coffin is stalking me – The Birds – discussion, talks, gossip, rumour, anxiety, nervousness, phone calls, busyness, disquiet

How I can better understand the Coffin’s message – The Heart – love, romance, affiliation, connection, attraction, connects, loves, flirts, desires, favours

The Coffin itself – end, finish, misfortune, illness, final, unlucky, redundant, declining, silent

To me, this would indicate that I’ve drawn the Death Daemonic to me simply by talking about it so often. The best way to understand the coffin’s message is to open my heart to this energy. I’ve been doing that already, but must continue to do so. This interpretation is supported when reading the triplet as a sentence, which comes out as, “Discussions about death attract.”

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