June #Domagick #Cleanse Weeks 2 – 4

Man plans and the gods laugh. I had intended on updating my progress weekly, but life intervened regularly. I’m glad that I kept my work for the Domagick cleansing challenge relatively low-key, confining it to daily magickal baths and adopting a vegetarian diet. I was able to keep up both even when my schedule changed with little notice.

I had two goals over the thirty days: to cleanse myself of negative psychic energy with the baths, and to cleanse my system physically with the vegetarian diet. I tracked my mood, my blood pressure, and my weight over 30 days to gauge my progress. With the time completed, I can say my mood undeniably brightened. While my ability to become anxious at the drop of a hat remains the same, my overall stress level is lower. However, I must take into account the lengthening of the days where I live and the growing amount of sunlight we now have. I am outside a good deal because of my job this summer, and that may have also improved my mood as well. Still, I feel the baths have had an effect. The effect of the vegetarian diet is much easier to see. My blood pressure is now in the normal range whenever I test it, and I have lost nearly 11 pounds. I need to wear a belt with my jeans again.

All of these changes encourage me to keep going. There are others to consider too. According to the ProVeg Veggie Challenge, which I used to give me daily pep talks along the thirty days, I have also saved approximately 6 animals, 44.4 kg CO2, and 39,000 liters of water, and 64.8 m2 of land by consuming a vegetarian diet instead of meat. I’ll have to research the absolute veracity of those numbers, but they are certainly something to keep in mind while my country and the world struggles with climate change. It isn’t the definitive answer, but it is something I can do, and it made me feel better. At this juncture, I have nothing to lose – except more weight.

I see no reason not to continue with the magical baths and the vegetarian diet in the foreseeable future.

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