June #Domagick #Cleanse Week 1

I’m cleansing myself in two different ways in June: with daily ritual baths and by eating a vegetarian diet. I’ve eaten that way for two weeks now, but I only started tracking of the results of both the baths and the diet since June 7, so this was the first “official” week of my June Domagick Cleanse.

Usually, I tune out while bathing. Over the last week, I’ve made sure to be especially mindful of my body instead, noting where it hurts and stores physical tension. Then I visualize this pain leaving my body, along with any other negativity that might currently reside there. I finish up with daily prayers to the Daemonic Divine and exit the bath. So far I can say I start the day more relaxed and centered, if nothing else.

The vegetarian diet has gone well with only a couple of hiccups. First, I didn’t read a label before preparing a soup mix purchased at a local farmer’s market. I took the vendor at his word when he said it would be vegetarian, but it wasn’t. Second, I haven’t enjoyed the Beyond Beef products I’ve tried when they were prepared outside the home, which dashed my hopes of indulging in vegetarian versions of junk-food treats I used to love. Either the texture or the taste made me feel queasy with my first bite, so better not to indulge at all right now.

Despite this, I feel as if my taste buds are waking up. Both fruits and vegetables taste much sweeter than before. This is a wonderfully unexpected benefit of my vegetarian diet, as are all the new recipes my family is coming across. We’ve always been adventurous cooks, and this has only expanded our palates further.


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