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Drastic Change of Plans

You may have noticed I didn’t blog yesterday. Unlike previous Domagick challenges, this time around my record hasn’t been very good. I’ve missed four out of thirteen days. It isn’t that I haven’t been meditating. Even outside of my conversations with Amducius, I’ve been putting in time on the meditation pillow.

Life has been stressful enough lately that I’ve needed to take the extra effort to calm my mind at some point each day. My partner was called in for surgery rather unexpectedly at the end of last month, and that has thrown my household for a loop. On top of that, I learned yesterday that I will also be going in for medical procedure at the end of December. This will completely take me out of commission for a while, and when I get back to my desk the last thing I’m going to be thinking about is blogging. No offense meant. I’m simply going to have a ton of other work waiting for me to handle first. I’ll need to keep focused on my own self-care as well, and not overdo it.

(So, realistically, there’s no way I can finish this Domagick challenge. Even if I meditate and blog faithfully every day until then, I still can’t make the thirty days straight.)

In a strange way, finding out about the medical appointment is confirmation that the conversations I’ve been having with Amducius haven’t been all in my mind. I never thought they were, but I appreciate the secondary confirmation. When I was feeling a great amount of pressure the other day, I prayed out loud to him in front of my partner for something I didn’t think was possible. I needed it to happen, but I didn’t see how it could. Even I was sure the prayer would work, but it did.

From experience, I know you must be careful what you ask the divine for, however. As stressed out as I was, I took the time to word my request carefully at the time. I tried to think ahead. Still, if my patron had a hand in events as they unfolded—and I believe he did—then he interfered for my highest good. Lessons learned for my “highest good” don’t always feel great at the time, and I know I may later look back on that prayer and laugh. But I definitely feel heard! I can only hope he feels similarly heard too. I started rearranging my altar last night to better honor him.

I do not know how much it will blog before the end of December, or what I will blog about. I do know that I will be continuing to work with Amducius and meditating, but this work will be even more personal and may not be for public consumption. Wish me luck!

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