Vapula Back to School Charm

Domagick Day 1

Today starts the June Domagick challenge. To begin, I took a wooden disk and inscribed it with the sigil of the demon Vapula, who aids in the absorption of knowledge, areas of expertise, and creative business endeavors. I will work with her daily over the next two months, in conjunction with the other spirits I’ll connect with, as part of my back to school enchantment project. I plan to charge the disk every day through at least one of two methods: daily focused meditation and/or walking with the disk on my key ring.

I’ll back up my enchantment through mundane art practice and back to school tasks that I will note here. For example, I visited my doctor today and made arrangements to give myself my weekly injections starting in September rather than visiting his office and missing classes. I also announced on my personal Facebook that I’ve registered and enrolled in next semester’s classes, thus preparing my social circle for the change.

By chipping away at these tasks little by little, I’ll go back to school prepared without feeling rushed. I’ve been a stay-at-home parent and author for twenty years now, so the entire process demands a good deal of adaptation and flexibility on my part.