Botis for Finding Friends and Allies

Domagick Day 12

I feel like the weekend was over too soon. I wish I could have spent a few more days learning to relax better with Ipos.

Today I started working with the fourth spirit in my back-to-school plan, Botis, a spirit well-known for reconciling friends and foes. I chanted OM for a while to still my mind first, and then focused on an image of his sigil. I slowly became aware of his energy as I concentrated on it. It felt damp, but not unpleasant. Suddenly I was overwhelmed with the urge to go swimming outside, in the fresh air.

I asked Botis to help bring allies into my life, and then visualized that coming to pass while I ran energy through the disk I’d made for him. I plan to wear it on my keychain for the rest of the summer as part of my Domagick enchantment project, if not longer.

To put what I’d asked for from Botis into practical use, I made sure to ask for help multiple times when comparing computer and camera prices today. I know my way around computers well enough to understand whether or not I’m getting a decent deal in that area, but I am a complete newbie when it comes to cameras. It was nice to hear about the features from someone who deals with the cameras every day, even if they were trying to sell me something.

When it comes to my continued weekly work with Vapula, I am trying to make art every day in the midst of getting everything ready for school. Today that involved simply snapping some photos.


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