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Blood Offerings – How Are They Made?

Domagick Sept 03

Today’s prayer and offering to the Nine went quietly. At the moment, I’m having to perform these short rites in the morning while everyone else is still sleeping, so that is something of a necessity. I look forward to using more ecstatic forms of ritual when my partner is finally at school.

The need for put energy into to our prayers and offerings has been on my mind since a recent conversation with another priest in training. He emphasized that the offerings should never become rote. If the spirits are getting nothing more a smear of blood on parchment or a glass of wine, what’s the point? The personal connection has been lost.

For those shocked by my mention of blood… Yes, Daemonolatry can involve bloodletting. So does Diabetes. In both cases, safe and sanitary lancets are used to poke a finger. Daemonolaters typically burn their blood offerings, thus transforming the physical into spiritual. Diabetics put their blood on a test strip and then dispose of it in a sharps container. That’s what my partner does with his, anyway.

If you choose to offer blood, be sensible. Don’t share lancets, just like you wouldn’t share needles. S. Connolly goes over what to do if you are a Daemonolater who can’t use blood in Modified. She also addresses how those with other challenges and disabilities can alter their practice.

As for my daily reading…

The Bear – strength, power, the boss, an influential person, possessive, protecting, overwhelming, grandmother

The Ship – adventure, long distance travel, transport, navigation, far away, far-seeing, foreign, yearning, wishes

The Anchor – security, stability, lasting, persevere, standstill, livelihood, obligations, targets

Hmmm. A far-off person in power will either lend stability or test endurance. Interesting.

Besides a brief upset at the grocery store yesterday, it’s difficult for me to pinpoint where the Snake in the grass was. I’ll continue to keep my eyes open, especially with today’s message from the Nine.

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