Photo taken at the Muttart Conservatory in Edmonton. #yeg #domagick

Black Kites and Red Flowers #domagick


I made another burnt offering to Oso today. Afterward, I launched the sigil I’d created. I sang Oso’s enn during both, my song becoming more and more sibilant as I went along. The imagery that appeared in my mind’s eye during the launch was distinctly different than usual. Strangely, I heard it as a senryū at the same time:

Black kite flies over
the white-capped mountains of hope—
my fears disappear.

From there I chanted the Five Warrior Syllables more times than I can count. My voice felt ragged during this part of my practice in a way I hadn’t noticed while singing Oso’s enn. I could see and feel energy moving through my chakras in time with the syllables, but I had a harder time feeling the resonance of my voice in my body this time around. I’m simply worn out, perhaps.

I spent the lion’s share of the day at a local botanical garden photographing plants. My partner showed me how to use a couple of the controls on my camera better, which I greatly appreciate. I suspect it will improve the look of my work immensely too. Thanks, honey!

I appreciated time spent among the green more than anything else. I’ll confess it now: I secretly want to be a florist. Or a gardener. Or something. As soon as I walked into the “temperate zone” today, I turned to my love and sighed, “Home.” I am happiest among growing things, or with my hands in soil. Who would have thought, for someone once afraid of bugs and worms of all kinds?

Unfortunately, my cats are happiest digging up such pretties. I’ve also lived in apartments my entire life. We can plant, but everything must live in a window box at best. Gardens are right out, unless I want to rent a plot somewhere far from my house and travel to see it. It makes the idea of taking a gardening class rather silly. Where would I practice?

But if you ever see a man softly singing to the bonsai trees in the Asian market, that’s probably me. I adore them. I adore them all.

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