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Beginner’s Mind

I’ve been trying to nail down my exact plans for September for the last few days without any luck. Flipping through a Lenormand book this afternoon helped me realize why. I’ve been making my Domagick goals far too complicated. I’ve been planning to do more with the Lenormand than most beginners would.

Now that I think about it, I was planning to do more than most beginners probably should. I believe students benefit from taking time with the basics and making sure they get them right. Rushing through this challenge won’t make me any better at Lenormand. It certainly won’t help with my stress level with all the other things on my plate right now, either!

Even though Lenormand cards aren’t meant to be read individually, all three books I’ve looked at so far suggest starting with daily card draws to help memorize the daily meanings. I was definitely pushing way past beginner level when I hoped to read Le Grand Tableau by the end of the month. That spread uses all thirty-six cards! That’s a hell of a challenge.

I’ll pull a card a day each morning starting September first. If anything significant happens later that matches the card’s meaning, I’ll record it in my journal. I post everything in the next day’s entry. Within reason, of course! I like to keep my private life private.

To break up my daily readings, I’ll post extra Lenormand tips I discover and reviews along the way. Drop me a line if you have any Lenormand apps to suggest. Android only, please.

Are you participating in the September Domagick challenge? If so, what have you got planned? Are you ready to be a beginner and act like a kid again?

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