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Bear – Domagick Sept 05 2017

Most of the kids in my city start school today. My partner returns to college today too. I was able to spend more time at my prayer and offering than usual because I had the house to myself. As I began to vocalize, I had to remind myself how early in the morning it still was and that my neighbors might not appreciate me singing at that time. The air felt fresh and clean, with more than a hint of autumn in it.

Today’s Lenormand reading:

The Fish – resources, money, business, wealth, freedom, fluidity, exchange, income, luxury, “a good catch”

The Tower – authority, official, institution, government, oversee, ambition, professions, private interest, indoors

The Bear – strength, power, the boss, an influential person, possessive, protecting, overwhelming, grandmother

I read these cards as my resources or money being put towards institutions authority. In other words, I’ll be paying or working for someone I consider important. If the cards were arranged differently, with the fish at the other end, I would be the one getting paid. This daily reading most likely refers to my partner making a student loan payment or even me doing a card reading for a friend. Otherwise, the only purchase I’ve made thus far is a CD.

The Bear card can also represent the querent’s grandmother. Although both of my grandmothers have long since passed, someone I consider my Satanic grandma has been on my mind lately. I’m still getting used to a fortune-telling system that refers to specific people this way, especially considering how family structures have changed. If she makes an appearance in my life today, I will know what to look for in the future.


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