Back to School Sale – 30% Off Readings Until Sept 3, 2018

Are you going back to school in this Fall? Do you have questions about what the next semester or season will bring? Take advantage of my Back to School Sale from now until September 3, 2018, and get a card reading at 30% off!

Rates during the sale are as follows:

3 Card Quickie – Good for one simple, specific question. $7

For and Against – Past / Present / Future plus forces working for and against the outcome you desire. $14

As Above, So Below – Past / Present / Future plus the conscious and subconscious motives at play. $14

As Above, So Below for Magicians – Past / Present / Future plus how the issue is manifesting in mundane and spiritual realms. $14

Two Choices – A ten-card spread for when you want to compare two choices. $25

Celtic Cross – For a deeper look at a situation or issue. $25

Wheel of the Year – A nine-card reading focusing on what the year ahead may bring you. $28

Wheel of the Year with Animal Helpers or Fallen Angels / Daemons – The same as above, but this reading concentrates on what spirits would be interested in helping you and when. Please specify whether you are interested in working with animals or daemons. $28

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Why Get a Reading from Me?

I have thirty years of experience with divination and specialize in card reading. At present, I read traditional Tarot,The Druid Animal Oracle,The Fallen Angel Oracle (which features the 72 daemons of The Ars Goetia), and Lenormand. I also expand my skill set all the time and am currently reacquainting myself with the runes. Keep checking to see if I have something new to offer.

How do you book a reading?

Make sure to specify what kind of reading you want (Tarot, Lenormand, Animal, or Daemonic), plus choose one or more of the card spreads above. Once I receive your payment via PayPal, I will schedule your reading. Your turnaround time will be one week or less. First come, first served.

Please note – As of Sept 3, I will be holding readings on one day of the week only. If you want a quick turnaround, book now.

Email to book your reading.

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