Super blue Blood Moon 2018 eclipse chakras love asafoetida

Asafoetida, pleased to meet you!

Happy Eclipse! Are you enjoying the super blue blood moon? I got up early enough to sneak a peak at it this morning and then went straight into my work with the daemoness Asafoetida.

creation card tartot oracle chakra candle asafoetida love divinationInvoking and drawing down her energy went as planned, though it felt lighter in nature than I expected. Perhaps my experience with the spice Asafoetida colored my expectations, but I thought I would run into a heavy, strongly sensual energy—one that could best be described as forward or brash. What I encountered instead what quite subtle in comparison, like a waft of perfume or roses after a rainfall. In some ways, that is more like the taste of the spice, which I find a mild onion note. It isn’t overpowering at all and can actually be lost among other more powerful flavors. I admit, I was surprised! I wonder how this first impression will mature over time…

When I pulled a card today, I specifically asked what the month ahead would bring. Using my Chakra Wisdom Oracle, I turned over the Creation card. The key phrases associated with it are “creativity, muse, and magick.” That bodes well. In addition to the chakra work I would like to do this month, I’d also like to finish the revision of my upcoming book, Daemonic Dreams.

Wish me luck when this work merges with the February Domagick challenge tomorrow!

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