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April 2018 Domagick Days 1 – 4

It’s the fifth day of the current Domagick challenge, this one focusing on self-alchemy. As I mentioned before, this month I’ll be invoking and drawing down Belphegore’s energy to strengthen myself both personally and professionally. In thanks, I will write three pages of fiction for him daily—or try my best. So far, I’ve recorded my efforts on my Instagram, but here is a summary of the last four days work:

Apr 1 / Day 1 – Today’s Domagick work involved invoking and drawing down Belphegore for personal/professional strength, then writing him three pages of fiction.

Apr 2 / Day 2 – Daily divination before my Domagick work: pulled 7 of swords with the Tarot, which I see as thoughts becoming actions, intellect moving into manifestation. Invoked and wrote my daily three pages for Belphegore.

Apr 3 / Day 3 – Work today: invoking and drawing down Belphegore’s energy to armor myself and my friends. Strength includes extending defense when necessary. Wrote his three pages.

April 4 / Day 4 – Today’s domagick was a struggle and the Knight of Wands sums up my day well: scattered energy/focus, frustration – especially at work. Drew down Belphegore but could hardly write three pages. Managed to get out a couple of pages of notes in the wee hours, but I’m still not sure I know where this story is going.

It’s hard to judge the results of this self-alchemy so far for a few reasons. First of all, I’m only five days along in the project, hardly far enough along to see any real results. I know I should get discouraged with my fictional efforts yet. Secondly, I have split my focus, so that will decidedly slow the effectiveness of any results. (Maybe I should have concentrated on personal or professional growth, not both?) Lastly, both art and personal transformation go through ugly stages. I may feel better about certain issues today and awful about them again tomorrow. Likewise, I may think this story sucks today and be happy with it after a little progress. However, while I can finish the story, I may never concretely resolve all the issues tied to some of my insecurities. It can be difficult to judge that except in hindsight.

Also, I know that I haven’t shared any writing snippets yet – I’m just not at a stage where I’m comfortable!

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