Angels and Demons: Can Demonolaters Work with Both?


Last night, I dreamed of an angel. You might think that would be disturbing for Daemonolater, but the dream comforted me. You see, I work with this particular angel on a regular basis and number him among what ‘personal pantheon.’ In other words, he’s one of my go-to guys.

I do admit that dealing with him is not like communicating with a demon. This may sound very woo-woo to those of you who do not sense spirits this way, but the angel vibrates on a different frequency than they do. I hear the spirits I interact with like a musical note in my head, and he’s sung in a higher register.

In my opinion, this doesn’t make him better than they are or good while the daemons are evil. That note distinguishes how far he is from our plane, Earth. I feel the daemons spend more time down here, or time focused on us than angels do, so they resonate on frequencies closer to that of our realm. Satan, on the other hand, who I believe represents the All… Phew! I’ll never be able to sing that high!

So, yes, Daemonolaters can work with angels. A good deal of them do, including this one. I’m fascinated my Enochian, the language of the angels, too. My partners have to put up with me grumbling every time Supernatural butchers it, but I complain a lot less about that than I did about what Xena and Hercules did to mythology.

I’ll even go out on what some may consider an extremely heretical limb and theorize that daemons and angels occasionally team-up when people need them. After all, I had the sigil of Sitri tucked underneath my pillow last night. In addition to the work I’ve been doing with her during the daytime, I’ve been hoping to receive a message from her during my dreams for three nights now. On the last night I was supposed to work with her, I dreamed of my angel friend. Was she telling me to go see him, or was she telling me the time was right to move on to the next daemon I planned to work with, Crocell?

According to the Ars Goetia, Crocell is a fallen angel. Besides teaching geometry and liberal sciences, he can discover water and warm it. This might not seem like an extremely useful talent to magicians nowadays, but I once lived on a farm where we had to find and dig our own well. Had I been old enough, I certainly would’ve called on Crocell then. In modern Daemonolatry circles, his ability to warm water is believed to transfer over to emotions, and we invite Crocell into our lives to soften those with hard dispositions.

Over the next week, I will work with Crocell to improve my negative attitude towards my creativity and my own body. I will write and paint for my own pleasure alone. I will also focus on changing my eating habits by avoiding junk food. To start this work off, I painted a sigil for Crocell today in acrylics and will launch it as soon as I am done this entry. I will sleep with it beneath my pillow as well, in the hopes of receiving a message from Crocell in my dreams.

I asked the Tarot what I could do to improve my outlook on myself. Two cards slipped out instead of one. They were the Two of Wands and the Queen of Cups. Reading them together, I interpreted this to mean that I should keep my sight set on the future and let my emotions guide me. I should not dwell in the past.

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