Amon: Lord of the Solstice

June Domagick Day 19

I’m changing things up a little this week. Instead of making and enchanting a disk on the same day, I am splitting these activities across two days this time around. That’s because I’m working with Amon, who some choose to celebrate on the summer solstice. I’m trying that this year and will honor him with a feast tomorrow. I’ll enchant the disk afterward by running energy through it.

Today I drew Amon’s sigil on the disk I’ve carried on my key ring since the beginning of June. I prayed to him and asked that he help me find allies wherever I go too. Like Botis, Amon is said to reconcile friends. I also asked for other things, which I will keep private. I’ll be carrying out most of the “practical work” for Amon in the later half of the week, when I habe some appointments scheduled.

For Vapula, I spent an hour and a half catching up with all of my students’ quiz answers today. I took time off from their emails and messages over the weekend to spend it with my family, so there were more than usual waiting for me this morning.

Halfway through answering them, I realized I’d forgotten to remove the disk meant to help me relax / dedicated to Ipos. It could be psychosomatic, but I perked up as soon as I’d taken it off my key ring. It could also be the chocolate I had kicked in!


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