Amducius and Chill

Domagick Meditative Acts Day 05

Today the real challenge for me was fitting time in time for meditation. I managed to squeeze in a little work before my appointment this morning, but afterward I felt like I was playing catch up for the rest of the day. The piece I am editing is going terribly slowly, with only fourteen of twenty-three pages completed in two hours. That’s only the first edit too, and that’s just one thing on my plate.

When I did get down to talking with Amducius, my thoughts kept wandering back to my to-do list, making his end of the conversation difficult to hear. This is why I do my best to fit it in at the beginning of the day, but sometimes it simply isn’t possible. I felt better for even trying, and that’s why I know it good to put in the time and effort, even when the results don’t manifest how I want.

For now, I am going to kick back and listen to some of the tracks on the Calm meditation app. I need to chill for a while.

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