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Above and Below Spread for Lenormand

The Lenormand can be direct in a way that still surprises me. Yesterday’s reading was Snake + Tree + Gentleman. I read that as “a betrayal to the legacy.” Instead, I felt inspired out of the blue to wear the snake pendant that I purchased for the nine Daemonic Divinities at the beginning of this month. I was wearing it when I asked another priest in training to counsel me about starting ancestor veneration. In this case, I was the snake in the reading! More than that, my disconnection from my family roots could even be seen as a betrayal to their legacy.

The priest advised me to do a reading to see what would come of contacting my ancestors. I decided to use a spread I read about yesterday in The Complete Lenormand Handbook by Caitlin Matthews. It is called Above and Below. It challenges new readers to interpret Lenormand pairs but also triplets. Here’s an overview of how it works:

lenormand lenromandspread tarot tarotspread cards divination fortunetelling
Above and Below Lenormand Spread
  1. Shuffle the cards while considering your question.
  2. Cut the cards into three piles.
  3. Turn over the top three cards in these piles. They become cards 1, 2, and 3 respectively.
  4. Remove the bottom three cards from these piles. They become cards 4, 5, and 6.
  5. Read cards 1 – 3 as a triplet.
  6. Do the same with cards 4 – 6.
  7. Pairs 1 + 4, 2 + 5, and 3 + 6.

For extra insight, you can also read card 1 + 5 + 3 and 4 + 3 + 6 as triplets. Corner cards 1 + 6 and 4 + 3 can be read as pairs too. Of course, how you read the triplets is a matter of preference. You can read them in a past / present / future style or as a “sentence.”

As meditation and offering, I asked the Nine how can I overcome this hurdle with my ancestors magickally. Through the cards, they responded:

When I went through the steps above, I saw several things.

  • I am suspicious of this journey.
  • I fear the rewards from it will diminish over time. Distance from my ancestors has been more important to me then these gifts.
  • Confusion over vision. My clouded vision is ruling the day.
  • Community exists despite my fear of these diminishing returns. Ancestors remain my ancestors.
  • Ancestors at a distance offer more clarity than those up close.
  • Suppressed gifts will diminish over time. Longings diminish once these are explored. Which will lead to the true gift of the garden/community.

Trying to put this is to some sort of cohesive picture:

My suspicions of my ancestors will make the journey more difficult, as will my fear that my time is running out to contact them. I will need to risk growing closer with them if I want to receive their wisdom. Suppressed gifts diminish over time.

ancestorworship ancestor family frog toads ancestral familytree
“Ancestor Toad” by William Briar

With this advice in mind, I set up a small altar where I can leave offerings to my maternal grandfather. He was a water witch who used to find wells with divining rods. He was also something of a trickster and used to tease me for being “suckaninny” as a child. I put toads for that reason on his altar: for he was as slippery as one, but I am the one to possess their thin skin.

We are linked that way, in the water that flows beneath our flesh, back to the place where we all begin.

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