A Good Week, All in All

Domagick Day 16

Errands! Some days you have to run ’em. Today was that day. Before heading out grocery shopping, I said my last prayer to Botis for the week. I will continue carrying his enchanted disk on my keychain over the summer (and most likely well into the school year) but today will be the last day I run energy through it for its initial charging. I will top up its charge through repeated handling and prayer after this. I’ll round out my work with Botis with an offering this afternoon too.

For now it is back to work for me; I have some weekly meal prep to attend to before I can get to his offering, which will most likely consist of art I burn ritually. I hope to do the same for Vapula. Practical work is fine, but I like to make offerings to the spirits whenever I work with whenever possible.

This weekend I will relax a little less with Ipos that usual, as I am picking up a few hours of paid work. That’s okay. For one, it all goes towards the school fund. Secondly, I can concentrate on learning to relax after I’m done helping my brother at his place of employment.

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