Weekend Workshop Update One #domagick


It’s difficult to sum up all that I’ve learned in the first two sessions of this weekend’s workshop with the Geshela. Yesterday’s teaching focused on breathing techniques and how they can benefit us. Today’s lesson taught us how certain movements can make these techniques even more effective, and then continued onto the topic of mantras. It wasn’t until nearly halfway through the afternoon that we even touched on the Five Warrior Syllables at all, with the Geshela introducing them to us with the story of their creation.

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One of my personal interpretations of Satan, who represents the fifth element. #satan #domagick

Satan as the Fifth Element #domagick


My entry today will be extremely short as the majority of my practice will occur too late in the day for me to write about it until tomorrow. After dinner, I will be attending the first part of the Five Warrior Syllables workshop, and that’s where I’m focusing the majority of my energy. I may have to play catch-up all weekend, if not right a huge entry on Monday with very brief ones in between.

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Photograph of a candle taken as part of the Wordpress #developingyoureye challenge.

Come Into the Light #domagick


I continued today with the five warrior syllables but did not feel any tingling in my third eye. This might have been because I vibrated the syllables in front of my partner, which made me feel somewhat self-conscious. He didn’t care what I was doing, yet I remained aware someone else was in the room who wasn’t taking part in my spiritual practice. This continues to be a problem with having downsized our apartment; we pay less rent, but I also have far less space within which to work. So far, I can’t see any way around it except moving my practice from place to place so I can be alone. With my fibromyalgia, I find this sometimes tires me out so much that I then don’t want to practice magick at all. I know I will find a solution, but one just hasn’t come to me yet.

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skinny coyote standing on desert bluff

Starting Five Warrior Syllables Practice #domagick


For today’s practice, I chanted the Five Warrior syllables of the Bon tradition and then move directly into vibrating the enn of Salleos. I didn’t worry about using hand gestures because I wanted to concentrate on memorizing the syllables this time around.  By the time I was done, tingling had spread across the bridge of my nose, just beneath my third eye. It continued for several minutes afterward. I doubt I understand the concept fully, and that’s what the workshop I am attending this weekend is for, but I can feel some effect from this elemental balancing technique already. I feel calmer and more centered now than I did when waking up. I look forward to learning more about and incorporating it into my daily work.

Here is the video from which I picked up the basic idea.

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