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Energy Through Relaxation #Domagick 12

I won’t be a “winner” of this Domagick challenge. Even though I completed the actual work, I skipped the blogging. I needed some time away from the computer after a week of editing and email. Honestly, I still need more weekend relaxation. I knew my chakras were spinning too slowly today before I even checked. I’ve been dragging my ass since I woke up. Every single part of me wants to go back to bed, and no energy attunement will fix that. The day is just too gray. Though I chanted the appropriate seed syllable and put in my “time on the cushion,” I still feel like I need to hibernate with a good book.

And what book? The a big fat grimoire. I started reading one last night, and it has been on my mind ever since. My thoughts even strayed to it when I was shuffling the cards for today’s daily prompt, and I think that may have influenced my draw. I asked what can I do to nourish / strength my solar chakra and pulled the Page of Swords. (I went back to using Tarot for a bit. I’m a wandering oracle.) To me, this means I should be open to and let myself be excited by new ideas and messages. That’s interesting synchronicity, but I hesitate to start anything new. I fell like I already have too many commitments as it is.

Maybe that’s it. Every time I start something new, I see it a commitment, a project, something I must do. I’m always focused on production and putting my energy out into the world rather than bringing bring energy back to myself. I rarely focus on hobbies as opposed to work. My meditation with Asafoetida reminds me that I have to balance in my life. It’s okay to seek relaxation.

The Problem with First Impressions #domagick

We are often advised to make good first impressions—told that those first initial seconds when we meet someone are crucial in gaining their appreciation, affection, or favour. Our language even backs up this idea by urging us not to judge a book by its cover. After all, just because a cover is well drawn doesn’t guarantee the story inside it will be well told. The same goes with people, where a handsome face might hide a monster within. Indeed, the nightly news seems to prove this regularly.

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I Don’t Wanna Spread

I admit it. I don’t want to blog today. I don’t want to do much of anything. It is chilly outside, and all I want to do is hide under the covers with a good book. Well, other than nap. It is positively dreary outside. Still, I know there are a few things on my To Do list yet to check off. Unfortunately, I’ve put them so far out of my mind that I’ve forgotten what they are. To jog my memory, I’m using the I Don’t Wanna spread.

spread lenormand tarot divination monthofspread dontwanna

After shuffling your cards until you feel satisfied, set one out in the middle. This represents what you are ignoring. The other three indicate what will happen if you leave the matter alone, if you tend to it, and what you can do to resolve it right now.

“I Don’t Wanna” is a very simple reading for those moments when brainpower is running low and you feel like you need that fourteenth cup of coffee. Speaking of which, I am off for one now.

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Dreams – Help Interpret Them with the Dreamspeak Spread

I’ve engaged in dream-work and interpreted dreams for others for over two decades now. After this many years, I tend to rely on instinct experience more than anything else. Still, a friend asked me yesterday what tool I turn to you whenever I feel off balance. Whenever I am unsure or off-kilter, the first thing I do is practice an elemental balancing ritual. If that doesn’t do the trick, I take out a trusty oracle deck to uncover what the matter is. This spread, Dreamspeak, is one of my favorites when something from the night before lingers on my mind.

After shuffling your deck until you feel comfortable, deal 6 cards. They are:

1. The triggering event
2. The dream itself
3. The possible future
4. To what part of my life does the dream refer?
5. What can I learn from this dream
6. How can I act on this dream?

I normally set these out in two rows of three.

This morning, I woke up with a word I couldn’t quite remember on my lips. This bothered me all day, so these were the cards I drew. I used Lenormand here, but you could definitely use Tarot or even runes with the Dreamspeak spread.

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Personal Pantheon Spread

I could barely motivate myself to do anything but huddle in a sweater and write today. The cold weather is truly setting in for my city. Still, I have witchy work to conduct tonight, so I need to speak to my spirits. When I need to touch base quickly, I use the Personal Pantheon Spread for Tarot or Lenormand.

Before shuffling the cards, I try to make myself more receptive their messages. For me, this means dimming the lights and any outside noises. I tend to light a candle and some incense too, but this isn’t necessary. If I have the time I will also construct a balanced ritual circle and connect with my highest power. It isn’t always possible, though. When that’s the case, I simply say a quick prayer and shuffle until I feel satisfied.

I deal five cards in a flower or star like pattern. The first one, placed in the center, represents the spirit itself. I deal four more cards in a circle, starting in the east and working to the north. (If you don’t know the exact directions, go with your gut instinct.) The card in the east indicates what the spirit wants me to know. The card sitting in the south indicates what the spirit believes I should want. The card in the west points to what the spirit believes I should feel. Lastly, the card in the north shows what the spirit wants me to do.

For example, in my own Private Pantheon spread, I pulled:

the center – the spirit itself – the snake / queen of clubs – deception, complications, betrayal, and lies… or a woman that gets what she wants, driven by her will, and can be disliked for it. Lillith immediately came to mind

the east – what the spirit wants me to know – the house / kind of cups – family, familial time, home, a man rule by creativity and his heart; possibly that my heart rules my thinking

the south – what the spirit believes I should want – the coffin / 9 of pentacles – end, finish, culmination, but one that comes to a satisfaction or self-sufficiency; this has connotations of stability and livelihood, like the anchor

the west – what the spirit believes I should feel – the book / ten of pentacles – knowledgeable, learned, intelligent, educated, but all with the ten of pentacles that I have come into my own, my inheritance, that I have the resources I need

the north – what the spirit wants me to do – the bouquet / queen of swords – reward, gift, beautify, decorate, but also female air, a thinker, organized and methodical, possibly perceived as cold; this is the other side of Lillith, the she is both serpent and owl

If I look at the triplets:

book + snake + house = learn complications home.

bouquet + snake + coffin = reward complications end.


This seems to be quite a generic reading (i.e. think about your family or I think with my heart), but the triplets give me something to ponder. Either way, it seems Lillith wands an offerings, and so I made this for her. It was the least I could do for her help, and for a member of my personal pantheon.

lillith lilith demonic daemonic enn sigil tarot lenormand personalpantheon spread




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Inner Child Spread for Lenormand and Tarot

On Day 21 of Month of Spreads, we were asked to have a conversation with our inner child. Knowing that could cause me to fall down the card reading rabbit hole for hours, I came up with a more concise spread for Lenormand. It is another simple five card draw based on looking at two levels of the situation.

To read the Inner Child Spread, shuffle until you are satisfied and then flip it over to find the Child in your Lenormand deck. (If you are using the Tarot, you may wish to choose a different card to signify your inner child from one of the major arcana or court cards. One possibility is the Fool.)

Once you find the Child card or your signifier, the card on the left is what your inner child wants you to know.

The card to the right of the child represents what your inner child needs.

The top and bottom card of the deck indicate how your inner child consciously and subconsciously manifest in your life respectively.

For example, these are the cards I pulled:

What My Inner Child Needs Me to Know – The Anchor – Nine of Swords – This card shows stability or security in Lenormand, but in Tarot I commonly call it the “nightmare” card. It can refer to intense anxiety or severe fear.  To me, this indicates an inner child who is insecure.

What My Inner Child Needs – The Clouds – Knight of Wands – in the Lenormand, this is the card of confusion or uncertainty. The Knight of wands, however, is it the younger force of male fire, with his energy not as well directed at the King. This implies action, but action that can be impulsive. It sounds like my inner child wants me to do something, but isn’t sure what.

How My Inner Child Manifests Consciously in My Life – The Tree – Seven of Cups – This card can have a twofold meeting in Lenormand, pointing both to physical health and an enduring legacy. That this card falls in the conscious area of my life would suggest to me that my inner child manifests in my physical body. The seven of Cups says that could arise in the form of temptations, even spiritual hungers that I try to fulfill by stuffing my face, or an emotional void I fill with “fiscal therapy.”

How My Inner Child Manifests Subconsciously in My Life – The Sun – Ace of Pentacles – This is an interesting card to turn over here, since the Sun is the card of the outer self in Lenormand. It typically represents your charisma and the face you show to the world. If I couple this with the Ace of Pentacles, then underlines that my inner child tends to show up in physical symptoms. It might even say that my inner child has great control over my outer demeanor.

If I read these two triplets as a sentence:

Anchor + Child + Clouds = The unchanging/secure child doubts, i.e. my inner child is insecure.

Tree + Child + Sun =   The healthy child succeeds, i.e tending to the health of my inner child can help my success now, for I am the manifestation of that child in the present. And, truthfully, I think we all know this… Otherwise, why would we be doing these kind of readings?

Summary: I must watch the holes from my past that I am attempting to fill inappropriately in the present. Those can only be adequately fixed by addressing the needs of the child at the point when the loss actually occurred despite the fact that its needs manifest in the present. To do such work is the providence of the energetic healer, shamanic practitioner, and counselor( depending on the inclination of the individual, with these all acting as complementary modalities). I’ve already done a huge deal of work on this, but I don’t think anyone is ever completely finished. Moreover, psychic hygiene is an ongoing process. A tune-up never hurts.

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Tradition Spread for Lenormand and Tarot!

On Day 19 of Month of Spreads, we were supposed to explore The Power of the Tower Tarot card. Unfortunately, I was using the Lenormand. While it has a Tower card, it means something different than “breaking free and rebuilding.” In Lenormand, the tower is all about policy, institutions, conventions, laws, and traditions. With that in mind, I came up with the following spread called “It’s A Tradition!”

(Wow. I am so not… traditional. How about you?)

To read the Tradition spread, shuffle your deck until you feel satisfied and then delivered to such:

Bottom card of the deck – What policies, habits, or traditions drag me down?

Top card of the deck – Which lift me up?

Now turn the deck over and find the Tower card if you are using Lenormand or Tarot. If you’re using a different sort of card oracle, pick an appropriate card from the deck to signify traditions the concept of tradition and find that in the deck.

The card to the left – Which traditions do my ancestors want me to preserve?

The card to the right – What new traditions should I begin?

PS – This spread goes out with special thanks to my friend, D, who recommended a different spread last night that had me falling down the Lenormand reading hole! LOL

evolving self evolving self shadow tarot lenormand divination monthofspreads

Evolving Self Spread

Inspired by the last two Month of Spreads‘ posts, I came up with a combo spread called the Evolving Self. It aims to give you a deeper look at your personality and point you in the direction of improving your life. Thanks, Tarotprose!

The first thing you need to do to read the Evolving Self spread is choose a temporary significator. (I picked the Lady because it usually refers to me in my readings.) After that, clear and shuffle your card until you are satisfied. Pull the top and bottom cards of the deck. These became your outer self and shadow self respectively. Finally, turn over the deck to look for your significator. The card on your left becomes what you need to let go of, with the card on your right becoming what you need to embrace.

Here’s what I got for the Evolving Self Spread, combining the Lenormand and Tarot meanings inherent in each card:

evolving self evolving self shadow tarot lenormand divination monthofspreadsOuter Self – The Child – Knight of Swords – a good speaker; communicative; willing to speak up spontaneously and share my opinion at any time, sometimes even when it’s not wanted; eager; playful, open to new ideas

Inner Self – The Book – 10 of Pentacles – studious; dedicated to knowledge, secrets, and the occult; truly need personal space; works well alone

What I Need to Let Go – The Anchor – Nine of Swords – anxieties and insecurities that keep me anchored where I don’t want to be, stuck in a nightmare I choose not to leave because it is become the stable norm

What I Need to Embrace – The Tree – Seven of Cups – dreaming of the future; thinking of the long term; planning for my legacy

Read as a triplets:

Anchor + Lady + Tree = “A stable self endures.”

Child + Lady + Book = “A playful self knows.”


If I was reading about someone else, I would say this is someone who comes off as being playful and funny in public but must then retire for time alone. The image of the Child playing with his hoop and the Wizard in his library are that different in tone to me. This says being able to play with a crowd well, but then sometimes kicking myself for what I say or commit to during that play, or for the gap between my dayside and nightside persona.

Perhaps it’s that gap that brings up the anxieties mentioned with the Anchor / Nine of Swords. It’s hard to have a secure self when you are afraid of showing your face, right? These cards suggest that I stop letting these anxieties hold me back and think about my long-term legacy instead. How do I want to be known? How do I want people to speak about me?

In reality, the personality that people describe will be a combination of the both my outer self that they sense consciously and the shadow sense that they sense only in half-formed and often ignored vibes. Sounds a lot like the First Impressions Spread I came up with a couple days ago. As I said in that entry, you could flip that spread around to take a look at your own personality. The Evolving Self spread hopefully explains how to do that.

Yet just because many people dismiss their intuitions doesn’t mean I have to discount mine. Perhaps we are only truly tuning into our highest selves when we can manifest the gifts our unconscious has to offer in day-to-day life.