demons daemons sigils odin odhinn daemonolatry demonolatry norse

Odin – A Sigil and Enn

Today I’ll share something a little different: an enn and sigil gained through an Ascension with the Daemonic. As I recently talked about in my article about an alternate Rite to Eurynomous, there can be many types of Daemonolaters, including Norse ones. I’ve spent over twenty years working with Odin now—or Odhinn, as I prefer. The All Father goes by many names walks in many guises. He was the first divine intelligence that came looking for me… and he is the one that have never truly went away.

It can be said that Odhinn embodies one side of the Death daemonic. To gain the wisdom of the runes, he hung as if dead for nine days on the great tree Yggdrasil, pierced by his own spear, forbidding any of the other gods to help him. Finally, on the ninth day, the runes spoke to him from the well of Urd that lay of the bottom of the tree, and Odhinn let out a cry of triumph. In completing thise ritual, the god saisthat he was “given to Odin, myself to myself,” a sacrifice that helped him gain the wisdom of the cosmos.

Because of this, Yggdrasil is sometimes known as the “Odin’s Gallow’s tree.” I believe the sigil here reflects a noose. I find it curious, too, how the sigil for the All Father reflects that of Satan, who is also the All.

Hail Odhinn!

demons daemons sigils odin odhinn daemonolatry demonolatry norse

PS: The similarity in some enns that have to do with the dead just makes my brain twitch! I love analyzing these things!


These are the combined #sigils of the 3demons #Belphegor and #Halphas, painted digitally.#digitalpainting #painting #digitalart

Thank you, Belphegor and Halphas!

Although I won’t go into details here, I created this image today to show my gratitude towards #Belphegor and Halphas. I began praying and making offerings to both a couple of days ago, and they have both responded already. I am incredibly thankful for their blessings. Naamah and Atem.
These are the combined #sigils of the 3demons #Belphegor and #Halphas, painted digitally.#digitalpainting #painting #digitalart
These are the combined sigils of the demons Belphegor and Halphas, painted digitally.
A #magical #charm for the #demon #vapula.

Vapula Back to School Charm

Domagick Day 1

Today starts the June Domagick challenge. To begin, I took a wooden disk and inscribed it with the sigil of the demon Vapula, who aids in the absorption of knowledge, areas of expertise, and creative business endeavors. I will work with her daily over the next two months, in conjunction with the other spirits I’ll connect with, as part of my back to school enchantment project. I plan to charge the disk every day through at least one of two methods: daily focused meditation and/or walking with the disk on my key ring.

I’ll back up my enchantment through mundane art practice and back to school tasks that I will note here. For example, I visited my doctor today and made arrangements to give myself my weekly injections starting in September rather than visiting his office and missing classes. I also announced on my personal Facebook that I’ve registered and enrolled in next semester’s classes, thus preparing my social circle for the change.

By chipping away at these tasks little by little, I’ll go back to school prepared without feeling rushed. I’ve been a stay-at-home parent and author for twenty years now, so the entire process demands a good deal of adaptation and flexibility on my part.

The #sigil of the #demon #Sitri painted with #acrylics. #domagick

A Plea for Passion

The Six of Cups in the Sharman-Caselli deck.
The Six of Cups in the Sharman-Caselli deck.


I started to my Domagic work differently than usual today, with a Tarot reading. I’ve been struggling to feel enthusiastic about a particular writing commitment, so I asked Sitri what I could do to feel passionate about the project again. I turned over the Six of Cups. This card could mean something I dreamed about for years is about to materialize. It could also indicate that I should seek help from a trusted source. Since I’m not sure what to dream the card could be referring to, I decided to ask Sitri’s help with the project instead.

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Sigil Magick For Beginners – Change Your Life with Squiggles!

It it possible for a weird looking symbol to change your life? Yes! Creating and using a sigil is one of the most effective—and easiest ways to focus your will magickally.

If you’ve never used sigil magick before, try this simple craft and meditation.

First, find a symbol summarizing what you want to accomplish. You can also doodle to come up with a shassholes will stay away from me sigilape spontaneously. Try to keep it as simple as you can. It’s okay to go through several rough drafts, but don’t draw the final version yet. While you are doing this, try to come up with a positive statement that embodies what you want to do as well. Make sure it is brief and easy to say, like a mantra. If you feel stuck, come up with the phrase first and then pick out one or two of its keywords. Use the letters in the words to help make your sigil.

When you feel like you have come up with something approaching the final sigil and phrase, find a sheet of paper and a pen/pencil. You can choose any colors that seem appropriate but aim for one of two effects. Either pick or pencil that contrasts with the paper, like the black and white image above, or use a color that fades more easily into the background, as shown in the three gray-on-gray examples. (Feel free to print out and use any of these sigils, by the way. You can click on them to see them better.)

Now find a quiet place where you won’t be disturbed for at least fifteen minutes. Shut your pets out and turn off your phone if you need to do so. Get comfortable in a chair, resting the sigil on your knees or on a table in front of you.

Let your breathing slow while you gaze at it, but don’t stare. Trace its lines lightly with your eyes. Begin to say the phrase you have chosen repeatedly. If you can do this out loud rather than in your mind, all the better. If your eyes begin to lose focus or look ‘through’ the paper, that is all right. If your mind begins to drift, that’s fine too. Simply guide your attention gently back to the sigil and keep repeating the phrase. Your tongue may trip and parts of the sentence may even turn into what sounds like nonsense. Go with it. You are weaving your spell. If you feel inspired to sing your phrase or intone it some other way, do so.

When you feel like you can remember the sigil well, close your eyes. Visualize it glowing whatever color seems most powerful to you. Let the glow become bigger and brighter until it fills the whole room—the whole world. Picture yourself standing up and stepping into the very heart of the sigil you created. Still reciting your spell, let the sigil’s power flow through your body and fill you with its essence. When you are about to overflow with its light and power, clap your hands sharply, sending the sigil and the spell flying out into the cosmos.

Open your eyes and wiggle your fingers and toes when you are ready. Go have something to drink and eat to re-energize yourself. Should you wish to, you can keep the sigil you have created, but you do not need to dwell on it or study it every day. Celebrate what you have done and go about your life confidently, knowing you have already reached your goal.