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Gay Lenormand – Can It Be Done?

Domagick Sept 01 2017

I said my prayer to the nine Daemonic Divinities and made my offering to them as soon as I woke up this morning. It was a peaceful way to start my day. I like starting off this way because it helps me focus on what’s important to me. I pulled three Lenormand cards afterward for daily guidance. They were:

The House: security, home, hearth, family, hospitality, refuge, shelter, domestic

The Sun: confidence, courage, happiness, vitality, success, will, outward self, charisma, daytime

The Lady: the querent if female, otherwise a woman, female energy, a women’s business, girlfriend, lover, partner

The #Ladycard can be two of the most difficult for modern #Lenormand readers to interpret.
The Lady card can be two of the most difficult for modern Lenormand readers to interpret.

The Lady and Gentleman cards can be two of the most difficult for modern Lenormand readers to interpret. On the surface, it seems quite straight forward. In this case, if the person asking the question was female then the Lady card would normally refer to her. Otherwise, it would refer to another woman.

Gendered cards can complicate romance readings for same sex couples, however. They can even make readings for LGBTQ individuals even more complicated if they are asking about multiple friends of the same gender. The Fairytale Lenormand helps with this by having two Lady and Gentleman cards each. I’ve yet to see this in any other Lenormand deck.

Seeing that I’m about to spend the day shopping for the house with my partner, this reading could mean that either I will lend success to the venture or that an outside female force will. From my Lenormand experience thus far, I believe the Lady actually refers to me. The only way to know for sure  is to compare my intuition with  what actually happens. Over time, I’ll hopefully gain a better feel for this deck and figure out how I relate to the gendered cards. I suggest anyone else in this community do the same. Take good notes and establish your own meanings.

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Lenormand Decks – How to Choose One

All of the Lenormand books I’ve read have included a write-up on how to pick a deck. Rather than regurgitate what those authors have written, I’ll speak from my experience playing with three different sets since the beginning of July. During that time, I’ve familiarized myself with Lenormand symbolism andhave  gotten to the point where I can understand “sentences” of three Lenormand cards added together.

Unless you are an experienced card-reader, I’d suggest ignoring ornate or themed decks when you are first learning Lenomand. Pretty decks will undoubtedly catch your eye. And why not? A great deal of time and effort goes into creating each card. In a way, that’s almost the problem. Lenormand imagery is meant to be simple. You shouldn’t need to interpret an elaborate story to understand a card’s meaning. Keep that in mind before you purchase fancy Lenormand sets, especially if you want to memorize the meanings quickly.

You might want avoid Lenormand decks that feature playing card inserts too.

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These Lenormand cards feature playing card inserts.

Lenormand’s fortune-telling system evolved from another type of card-reading called Piquet. Piquet used partial decks of normal playing cards, which explains Lenormand’s inserts. Caitlin Matthews demonstrates how you can weave together the meanings of Lenormand cards and their matching inserts in The Complete Lenormand Oracle Handbook, but this complex style of reading style is far beyond the scope of my beginner’s challenge.

If you live in a smaller area, however, you may have to buy a Lenormand deck on the internet. Lenormand isn’t as popular as Tarot yet, so there aren’t as many options available in occult shops. Quite a few of the nice decks currently available are being produced by smaller companies too, and this can ordering them difficult if you live outside of the United States. I felt lucky when I came across a small selection at my local Pagan store, even if none of the decks were exactly what I’d hoped.

Hopefully, anyone else wanting to give Lenormand a try for the upcoming Domagick challenge can learn from my purchases and find the deck of their dreams.You can even give my cheat-sheat a try to help you get started on the meanings.


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30 Days of Honoring the Daemonic Divinities

Well, I’ve researched long enough that I am bored with the Lenormand. I originally thought this Domagick challenge started August 1st, so I bought my cards all the way back in July. I didn’t start using them then, but I did read their guidebook-to-cover. I’ve read two more books on the subject since and memorized the Lenormand’s basic meanings. Here is a “cheat-sheet” I made for myself based on what I’ve read. Feel free to download it for you own use as long as you credit the original author. I also learned how to read “runs” of three cards.

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Beginner’s Mind

I’ve been trying to nail down my exact plans for September for the last few days without any luck. Flipping through a Lenormand book this afternoon helped me realize why. I’ve been making my Domagick goals far too complicated. I’ve been planning to do more with the Lenormand than most beginners would.

Now that I think about it, I was planning to do more than most beginners probably should. I believe students benefit from taking time with the basics and making sure they get them right. Rushing through this challenge won’t make me any better at Lenormand. It certainly won’t help with my stress level with all the other things on my plate right now, either!

Even though Lenormand cards aren’t meant to be read individually, all three books I’ve looked at so far suggest starting with daily card draws to help memorize the daily meanings. I was definitely pushing way past beginner level when I hoped to read Le Grand Tableau by the end of the month. That spread uses all thirty-six cards! That’s a hell of a challenge.

I’ll pull a card a day each morning starting September first. If anything significant happens later that matches the card’s meaning, I’ll record it in my journal. I post everything in the next day’s entry. Within reason, of course! I like to keep my private life private.

To break up my daily readings, I’ll post extra Lenormand tips I discover and reviews along the way. Drop me a line if you have any Lenormand apps to suggest. Android only, please.

Are you participating in the September Domagick challenge? If so, what have you got planned? Are you ready to be a beginner and act like a kid again?

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Learning Lenormand

The September Domagick challenge encourages us to think like a beginner again and pick up a new magical technique. I recently had to adopt this mindset when I wrote my book, Daemonic Shamanism: A Beginner’s Guide. To create the original class material, I asked myself what I wished I’d known twenty years ago when I first picked up a drum and began to practice shamanic journey-work. What tricks could have made my travels easier and safer? The lessons came quickly once I answered those questions. If interest warrants, I may write about more advanced techniques in the future.

My work next month springs from an even older interest of mine, however. I became fascinated with card reading in my early teens when my local cable access channel gave a fortune-teller her own show. I watched her avidly each Wednesday night and soon bought my first Tarot deck. I quickly realized my cards’ symbolism went far beyond the meanings in their Little White Book. This led to a passion for divination and oracles in general. In September, I’ll learn my latest: the Petit Lenormand, a thirty-six-card system.

The Lenormand differs from the Tarot in a few ways. Besides having a smaller number of cards, Lenormand decks have neither a Major nor Minor Arcana. The cards are numbered but, rather than depicting the evolution of the soul as the Major Arcana does, their numbers harken back to the Game of Hope, the German racing game from which Lenormand descended.

Lastly, the pictures on the Lenormand card possess nowhere near as much symbolism as those on the Tarot. Because the symbolism is less complex, meanings allow less room for interpretation. While Tarot can be used for deep meditation, soul searching, and communing with deity, the Petit Lenormand is best suited for direct, day-to-day fortune-telling in the most strict sense of the word.

Keep in mind that cards which share names between systems may not necessarily share meanings, either. Both the Lenormand and the Tarot have Sun, Moon, and Tower cards. Compare these Tower cards and you will see how each system’s cards remain unique.

#Lenormand's #Tower #card symbolizes vision, authority, and solitude.
Lenormand’s Tower card symbolizes vision, authority, and solitude.
The #Tarot's #Tower #card symbolizes turmoil, destruction, and sudden change--upright, anyway.
The Tarot’s Tower card symbolizes turmoil, destruction, and sudden change–upright, anyway.