Soup’s On!

My dreams over the last week have felt soup left in a bowl too long. They congealed into something nearly impenetrable as soon as I woke up. I could only remember snatches of them as the day progressed, a random image here or there. That didn’t help much, considering the fact my goal was to […]

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Daily Grind

Last night’s workshop went well. We talked at length about repairing ancestral relationships and touched on getting in touch with primal ancestors too. I gathered quite a few ideas from the evening for my personal practice, even if I did come home exhausted. It sapped most of the energy out of me today. I ended […]

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Eurynomous: Talking with Death

death eurynomous demon daemons demonolatry daemonolatry

It feels like the weekend threw my routine off. Everything’s a little out of step today. I spent much longer with the nine Daemonic Divinities than I do normally today: almost two hours. I wanted to speak at length with Eurynomous, both through the Lenormand and with art. From what I read, it looks like […]

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A Day Away

This is my slack day. I attended seminary classes via Skype from 11 AM to just after 1 PM, and then sat down to spend time briefly with the nine Daemonic Divinities. I prayed and left my daily offering to them and to my maternal grandfather. After that, I drew my three cards for the […]

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Dreams or Dread?

dream dread lenormand magick demons domagick

I was given the best assignment yesterday by one of my fellow priests in training. It’s a lesson brand-new Daemonolaters should complete when they first come to the path. Unfortunately, most of us learn from books nowadays rather than face-to-face, so we miss out on anything that is best taught orally. I’m very grateful he […]

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Domagick Goals

Domagick Sept 17 2017 Today marks the third week of the Domagick “beginner’s” challenge. My prayers and offering to the Nine Daemonic Divinities were uneventful, just as they were for most of the past 17 days. I realize that daily offerings aren’t for me. Still, I’d hoped they would deepen a connection weakened by the […]

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