Shake Your Money Maker!

moneymaker lenormand tarot spread beleth

Today’s Month of Spreads prompt was called the Money Maker. To read this spread: Shuffle your deck until you feel you are satisfied. Turn it face up and look for the card that best represents money. In Lenormand, this is the Fish. The card to the left represents where your money problems reside. The card […]

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Intuitive Reading and Hades

hades greeek god daemon demon death daemon demonic daemonolatry demonolatry monthofspread

While I intended to get to my Month of Spreads reading done earlier today, writing took over my morning and afternoon. But that’s okay! Today’s intuitive reading prompt suggested that we pick one word out of a list and see what the cards suggested on that topic. After getting stuck on a specific idea I’m […]

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Frucisierre – An Alternate Sigil

Today I reorganized my ancestral altar. In Daemonolatry, this month is dedicated to Eurynomous and the other daemons of the death. I placed lamens I had made with their sigils out of clay on the altar too, along with some items that reminded me of my grandfather. My invocations were a tad more elaborate than […]

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Soup’s On!

My dreams over the last week have felt soup left in a bowl too long. They congealed into something nearly impenetrable as soon as I woke up. I could only remember snatches of them as the day progressed, a random image here or there. That didn’t help much, considering the fact my goal was to […]

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