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You Can’t Just Do Energy Work! #domagick 09

You can find the solar chakra in your navel or solar plexus area. When balanced, it is a bright, clear yellow. It governs our self-esteem, willpower, and confidence. It is often seen as an overall source of energy, vitality, and empowerment.

I have often had problems with the chakra. In the physical sense, worry goes straight to my gut, either killing my appetite or making me queasy from stress. My heart chakra also ran very slowly for a long time, and I believe my solar chakra spun faster to compensate. I also struggle with how to wield power kindly, which makes confidence and empowerment difficult to master. These will be the focus during Loving Kindness meditations for the remainder of this week. Today took me to another doctor’s office, so again I got to practice on the go.

Anyone following along with my Domagick challenge this month might think I’m a big proponent of energy work. After all, I’m spending February cleansing and attuning my chakras—at least in part. Chakra work is the third ingredient in my Domagick work; first I meditate on Loving Kindness and then I conduct a body scan. This is for two very important reasons.

First, I always try to keep the axiom “As Above, So Below” in my mind when undertaking any type of spiritual or magical exercise. In my opinion, this motto emphasizes the connection between the different planes of existence, as well as the connection between body and mind. By exploring and releasing my body’s tension, my later chakra work is made easier. This is because I find my chakras naturally spin better when my body is relaxed.

Second, exercises anchored on the physical plane like body scans strengthen my ability to perform energetic exercises based in the astral. By exploring my body on the physical level through the body scan, I have formed a subconscious map of my body that sits in the back of my mind. Whether I realize I’m drawing on it or not, the memory it is essential to the visualization involved in chakra cleansing and attunement. All visualization demands we drawn on our memories, and memories in turn are rooted in physical sensation. Without experience is like body scans that help us know the real world, we are left with airy fairy pictures of spinning lights and opening flowers of chakras. These may not mean anything to us personally, if we can picture them at all. While I may be able to diagnose chakra imbalances by sound in color, I strongly believe the sounds I “hear” and the colors I “see” may be interpretations of the physical and mental sensations I experience during the body scan. The All is One. As Above, So below. Therefore, repetitive physical exercises like body scans strengthen my ability to do energy work.

It’s for this reason that I recommend all magicians actually cast circle and conduct many spells physically before they start attempting the same in the astral. If you jump straight to doing energy work without physical exercises, your visualization will be weaker. Your magical be weaker. Maybe it will still—but not as well as it could. Instead of building energetic walls of steel, you will be building energetic walls of paper. You won’t be the sledgehammer to bring them down, only a straight thought.

A strong will and mind are vital to effective magick. Today’s divination prompt asked how I can strength my will by becoming more confident. I turned over the REJECTION card. This card urges us to explore whether or not we are working in harmony with our environment and to imagine a place without judgement. It is from there that we should create. And the card is right! That’s the perfect place for a writer to create a first draft! Too bad I’m in the middle of revisions!

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Passion: Follow It! #Domagick Day 07

A medical appointment this morning threw my schedule out of whack and inspired me to change up my Domagick routine. Since I was stuck in an imaging machine so a technician could take pictures of my heart, I decided to make use of the bizarre posture she’d put me in and start with a body scan instead. I think it works better before the Loving Kindness meditation. This way I could not only tune the chakra immediately after the scan but send affection to the specific area in need at the same time. I don’t know why I didn’t plan it that way before. My energy flowed better on my back with my arms over my head too, like I was directing it downward with my hands. Good to know! Chanting VAM silently to strength my sacral chakra wasn’t as effective as intoning it outloud, but I made do.

When I got home, I looked at my prompt for the day. To keep strengthening my sacral chakra, the cards asked, “arouse my passions by…” Ha! I actually pulled the PASSION card. This does not refer to sex, however, but following the urges and joys that drive you.That’s the mistake that many people make about this chakra, just because it is located in the pelvic area. The sacral chakra asks iv I am really doing what I love. Maybe not 100 percent, but I move closer every day!

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A Joyful Open Mind #Domagick Day 06

After meditation and a body scan, I continued work on my sacral chakra today. It’s still spinning well, but I’m glad I’m keeping a better watch on them. It might be a hold over from surgery, or simply having a desk job, but I’ve noticed some tend to slow and wobble more as the week progresses. That’s the whole point behind my more intense tuneups on the weekends. Appointments and work this week are a nightmare, so I know I’ll need it.

Today’s chakra prompt for the day was “trust more in…” I accidentally pulled two cards, DESPONDENCE and IMPARTIALITY. I decided to read the key concepts behind these cards together, rather like I would a Lenormand pair. That would mean I should trust more in a “joyful, open mind.” I could look at the brighter side of things more often! HA!

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Source of Spontaneity: the Sacral Chakra #domagick 05

I shifted focus today to my sacral or svadhisthana chakra. It is located in the pelvic area and helps us experience our lives through sensation, pleasure, and enjoyment. It is the center of sensuality, intimacy, and connection. Some keywords associated with this chakra are spontaneity, trust, and passion. Its color is orange and its sound is VAM.

Unfortunately, time constraints stopped me from working with this seed syllable as long as I would like tonight, although I did feel like I had a breakthrough in my Loving Kindness meditation beforehand. Truthfully, I was too tired for my brain to argue or worry about anything. It made simply being easier. Ha!

This makes sense. Today’s prompt asked how I could become more spontaneous, and I pulled ENLIGHTENMENT. This card points out that our thoughts can enslave us or set us free. It encourages us to take note of how we are making use of our own minds. Truthfully, my mind has been working against me the past few days, and all of my readings thus far have said, “let go.” When I did release the fears holding me back, the meditations went smoothly. Spontaneity involves existing in the moment, which is the core of mindfulness!

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Mindfulness: Just One Breath #domagick day 04

I’ve struggled with my Loving Kindness meditations over the last couple days. Today, I took previous card readings to heart and concentrated on staying in the present moment. Regardless of how my day had went up until then, I could concentrate on loving kindness for just one breath. And another. And another. Eventually my mindfulness training took over, and the meditation became easier.

domagick meditation chakras mindfulness divination tarot demons asafeotida
Incense offering left in a new brass burner for Asafoetida today.

After my body scan, I went straight into a set of breathing postures meant to open each of the chakras in succession. I found them incredibly effective when combined with visualization. They were all spinning and flowing well, right down to my root chakra. When I am home alone this week, I will use sound as well. There are sounds associated with all the chakras. For example, the sound associated with the root chakra is LAM.

When I asked the cards what I could do to strengthen or nourish my root chakra, I turned over the GOSSIP card in the Chakra Wisdom Oracle. I wish this card had been labeled UNIQUE instead, because that is what it is truly about. We can lose out when we judge rather than value people based on their differences. This card cautions against this. Other key concepts are lack of appreciation, support for my vision, and refocusing my life. This might seem only tangentially related to concepts like safety and security, but realistically my entire last  My entire last week at work has been about setting the stage for future community growth. It’s a balance.



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Patience and Forgiveness #domagick day 03

I shouldn’t have known better. Today I attempted my Loving Kindness meditation today after writing a business letter rather than doing it as soon as I got up. Getting into a compassionate mindset felt hypocritical after having spent nearly an hour setting boundaries on paper. This probably says more about my experiences with authority figures than anything else. According to yesterday’s divination, I need to let these kinds of hang-ups go to grow as a person and as a magician.

Today’s body scan went better than yesterday’s, though. I asked my partner to work on my heart chakra last night, and I began to sneeze and cough wildly this morning when I ran energy through the same area. It could be a coincidence, or it could also be what my Reiki teacher calls a “release.” I’ll keep watch on that chakra.

domagick meditation chakras mindfulness divination tarot demonsWhen I looked at today’s divination prompt, I realized I mixed up the prompts’ order yesterday. Therefore, yesterday’s prompt was: “Improve physical health by…” When I shuffled by Chakra Wisdom Oracle, two cards fell out: IMPATIENCE and FORGIVENESS.

Looked at separately, Impatience suggests that reacting from a place of scarcity thinking is exhausting my efforts. Forgiveness says I should let go of grudges against myself. Together the cards indicate I need patient self-love. In other words, I should keep going forward with this month’s work—but that I also need to look at my attitude towards work in general. I may be running on the hamster wheel for nothing. I coworker kicked me in the ass about that before my surgery, and I don’t want to fall back into my old habit of overworking myself, especially when it isn’t necessary.

So far the divination prompts have looked at being grounded, physically healthy, and financial secure—all qualities that can be linked to the root chakra. Tomorrow the prompt will deal with that chakra directly. I am starting to think that this deck may very well be Asafoetida’s. I rather like that.

Let go #domagick day 02

I struggled with today’s Loving Kindness meditation. After a week of saying “no” more often than usual, I had trouble understanding how I was extending kindness to all beings. Supposedly it can be a kindness to be cruel—but I’m also Canadian. We pop out of the womb saying “I’m sorry.” It was hard to let go of my guilt.

My body scan pointed out that my posture was all out of whack during meditation too. I was hunching my shoulders: curling in on myself as if to protect my chest. Sure enough, my green chakra was out of whack too. After sitting with this and trying to simply accept the situation as is for a bit, I work the tension out of my back and tried to work “the gunk” out of my chakra. It was stubborn, so it is time for a full elemental / chakra balancing.

I read four cards today, relating to what the prompt: Become more financially secure by…. In order, I pulled Renewal, Release, Self-Worth, and Service from my Chakra Wisdom Oracle. I interpreted this to mean that the time for change is here. I must let the past go, aim higher, and just do the work.

Today’s prompt was aimed at strengthening and nourishing my red or root chakra, which has to do with safety, security, and the physical world.

(Asafoetida remains a gentle but subtle presence, contacted at the beginning of each session and thanked at the end. I will check in with her in a greater way on a weekly basis.)


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Root Chakra: Grounded #domagick day 01

The root is located at the base of the spine. It is also known as the muladhara chakra, with mula meaning “root” and adhara meaning “support” or “base.” This Sanskrit word describes the domain of the root chakra very well. It is responsible for our sense of security, safety, and physicality. To use a phrase many Pagans and New Agers love, the root chakra keeps us grounded. Balancing it creates the solid foundation for opening the chakras above it.

I started my planned work for today by greeting Asafoetida and then moving straight into the Loving Kindness meditation.

That went well enough, but I found myself unable to focus in the body scan that followed. Simply being with the sensations I felt was difficult after several days of being in “do” and “fix” mode for my seminary work. Before I moved into trying to adjust anything, I drew my card for the day.

My prompt was “become more grounded by…” and I pulled IMPARTIALITY from the Chakra Widsom Oracle. That summed what I need to do to perfectly to move forward with my self-love and chakra work. Before I release any tension or work on how a chakra is turning, I need to sit with what I find first and accept it as it is, in that moment. Again, this is coming back to first impressions and knee-jerk reactions.

rootchakra divination tarot chakrawisdomoracle asafoetida love domagick
Become more grounded through… impartiality. From the list of chakra divination prompts found here.

In case you would like to follow along with my February challenge, here are a couple guided meditations you can use:

Loving Kindness – Here is one example of this type of meditation out of hundreds on the web.

Body Scan – Again, here is a longer example of this type of meditation out of many on the web.