Let go #domagick day 02

I struggled with today’s Loving Kindness meditation. After a week of saying “no” more often than usual, I had trouble understanding how I was extending kindness to all beings. Supposedly it can be a kindness to be cruel—but I’m also Canadian. We pop out of the womb saying “I’m sorry.” It was hard to let go of my guilt.

My body scan pointed out that my posture was all out of whack during meditation too. I was hunching my shoulders: curling in on myself as if to protect my chest. Sure enough, my green chakra was out of whack too. After sitting with this and trying to simply accept the situation as is for a bit, I work the tension out of my back and tried to work “the gunk” out of my chakra. It was stubborn, so it is time for a full elemental / chakra balancing.

I read four cards today, relating to what the prompt: Become more financially secure by…. In order, I pulled Renewal, Release, Self-Worth, and Service from my Chakra Wisdom Oracle. I interpreted this to mean that the time for change is here. I must let the past go, aim higher, and just do the work.

Today’s prompt was aimed at strengthening and nourishing my red or root chakra, which has to do with safety, security, and the physical world.

(Asafoetida remains a gentle but subtle presence, contacted at the beginning of each session and thanked at the end. I will check in with her in a greater way on a weekly basis.)


Super blue Blood Moon 2018 eclipse chakras love asafoetida

Asafoetida, pleased to meet you!

Happy Eclipse! Are you enjoying the super blue blood moon? I got up early enough to sneak a peak at it this morning and then went straight into my work with the daemoness Asafoetida.

creation card tartot oracle chakra candle asafoetida love divinationInvoking and drawing down her energy went as planned, though it felt lighter in nature than I expected. Perhaps my experience with the spice Asafoetida colored my expectations, but I thought I would run into a heavy, strongly sensual energy—one that could best be described as forward or brash. What I encountered instead what quite subtle in comparison, like a waft of perfume or roses after a rainfall. In some ways, that is more like the taste of the spice, which I find a mild onion note. It isn’t overpowering at all and can actually be lost among other more powerful flavors. I admit, I was surprised! I wonder how this first impression will mature over time…

When I pulled a card today, I specifically asked what the month ahead would bring. Using my Chakra Wisdom Oracle, I turned over the Creation card. The key phrases associated with it are “creativity, muse, and magick.” That bodes well. In addition to the chakra work I would like to do this month, I’d also like to finish the revision of my upcoming book, Daemonic Dreams.

Wish me luck when this work merges with the February Domagick challenge tomorrow!

heart love demon asafoetida meditation domagick

February: the Month of Love #domagick

It’s not yet February 1st and all the department stores around here are already stocked up for Valentine’s Day. Bright pink and red hearts full of chocolate crowd the aisles, and a rainbow menagerie of stuffed animal fights to be taken home. Oh yeah! Romance is in the air!

But you know the old saying: you got to love yourself before you can love anyone else. Whether or not that adage is true, our hang-ups often keep us from loving is fully and completely as we’d like. Everyone has parts of themselves they could like better—often the parts we are afraid for our lovers to see naked! I know I’m not 100% keen on myself, that’s for sure, and surgery has left me feeling even more offkilter than usual in my body. While it still works, I feel like it starts up slowly each morning, like a car in the winter. I know time will fix this, but I also think I could help it along.

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