Domagick Day 19

I took time off from the Domagick challenge over the weekend and concentrated on family and work, in that order. I won’t complete the criteria in the traditional sense, but I will have my sanity, so that’s okay. Today I got straight back into it with a Lenormand reading. It said the week ahead will be especially trying, so I should focus on self-care. Instinctively I went into a set of meditation / breathing positions I call the Salutations to Ptah. I picked them up as part of my seminary work last year, and use them to clear and balance myself before spell-work. I wanted something physical I could lean into today and just do, that I could focus on without any accompanying visualization. I needed practice rooted in my bones. I felt much better after: clear-headed and more optimistic.

If it works, do it again! #domagick 16

I’ll keep this short. It’s Friday and, truth be told, I want to get to my weekend! Since yesterday’s practice worked so well, I decided I best duplicate it this afternoon. If it works, do it again. I read my cards first and pulled Lenormand’s THE BOUQUET, indicating I was on the right path; I’d nourish my heart chakra through the gift of an easier practice today. After a short body scan, I went straight to chanting the five warrior syllables. I didn’t concentrate on moving energy through my body at first, just air. After about ten minutes, I started working Reiki energy along my core and down through my legs along with the syllables as well. My head felt much more clear afterward, and my body felt better from having been at work all morning. Success! It does my heart and its chakra good!

lenormand heart chakra meditation divination domagick

Back to Five Warrior Syllables #domagick 15

I fell into bad habits again today and sat down at my desk before I sat down on my meditation cushion. I broke off after only a couple of hours work, however, and that made the difference. More imporantly, I switched up the order of my practice today and started with my card reading. I pulled two Lenormand pairs for the recent prompts on how to open my heart chakra. They inspired me to return to a technique I haven’t used for months: chanting the five warrior syllables.

Day 14: Show Kindness by (KEY + BOUQUET) opening up to compliments and rewards. This Lenormand pair gave me quite a bit to think about today during the Loving Kindness meditation that followed. If I shrug off someone’s compliment, am I denying both of us a kindness?

Day 15: Connect to (SNAKE + SUN) my desire to be happy. This Lenormand pair says it’s okay to look on the bright side and to even treat yourself once in a while. Today I decided to treat myself by depending purely on physical practice and skipping the “energetic” side of chakra balancing. While I did check in with what my body felt like on the physical level, I did not move through my body energetically afterward to see how each chakra was doing. I simply chanted the five warrior syllables of Bon Buddhism over and over and over until my mind and body felt free and clear, trusting that the technique itself worked as well as it always has for me. Frankly, this is the best day I have had yet in this challenge.

lenormand heart chakra meditation divination domagick
The second of my valentine gifts. Not as cute as the last, but just as adorable to someone who writes horror!


Hearts and ZZZZZZZZ #Domagick Day 14

I need to go back to doing my Loving Kindness meditation etc. before I start my work day. By the time I finished everything else that I needed to do, my get up and go had got up and went. I didn’t feel like being very loving towards anyone, but after a few breaths I gave into the exercise. My chakras were as sluggish as I expected they would be—so I am about to go remedy that with a Valentine’s gift to myself, a nap! Have a good one, everybody!

heart chakra meditation divination domagick

Heart Chakra: Love, Compassion, Connect #Domagick 13

Since I’m moving on to the heart chakra today, I gave myself a complete tune-up by chanting the seed syllable for each chakra numerous times. I’ve had problems with the heart chakra earlier in this challenge, so it seemed like a good idea. The heart chakra is also known as the Anahata chakra. It helps us generate compassion and love for ourselves and others. It deals with connection and bringing wholeness to our beings. As such, it is often considered our emotional healing centre. Its sound is YAM in the seven chakra system.

I felt like something shifted mentally during today’s Loving Kindness meditation that may help my heart chakra. My free-form mediation always has four parts: extending kindness to myself, to those aI love, to someone I feel ambivalent about, and to someone I find difficult. Whenever I have followed a guided version, the leaders have gone out of their way to never say anyone you hate. They encourage us to share kindness with this difficult person only to the degree we are able. Perhaps that is due to fear of triggering someone, or maybe the leaders worry that confronting hatred head on will completely destroy the feeling of Loving Kindness we have already generated. Either way, I can see their point. Hating someone requires energy. Depending on how big the hate is, it can eat up a lot of our thoughts, our lives—even make us too tired to handle our daily routine. I realized today that’s why forgiveness is for us, not for the person we hate. It frees us of those commitments so we can use our energy for other things.

On the other hand, today’s divination prompt aimed at strengthening my heart chakra leaves me a tad perplexed. Yesterday, I asked a career-related question of my cards and turned up the Knight of Wands. It came up again this morning when I asked the cards how I could be more loving to myself and others. (Right in Asafoetida’s domain!) The Knight of Wands indicates that it is time to put a project into action and explore it with enthusiasm. Am I so bored right now creatively that I am being cranky to those I love? Something to consider. That or I just have to keep my head down and keep doing the work.

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Energy Through Relaxation #Domagick 12

I won’t be a “winner” of this Domagick challenge. Even though I completed the actual work, I skipped the blogging. I needed some time away from the computer after a week of editing and email. Honestly, I still need more weekend relaxation. I knew my chakras were spinning too slowly today before I even checked. I’ve been dragging my ass since I woke up. Every single part of me wants to go back to bed, and no energy attunement will fix that. The day is just too gray. Though I chanted the appropriate seed syllable and put in my “time on the cushion,” I still feel like I need to hibernate with a good book.

And what book? The a big fat grimoire. I started reading one last night, and it has been on my mind ever since. My thoughts even strayed to it when I was shuffling the cards for today’s daily prompt, and I think that may have influenced my draw. I asked what can I do to nourish / strength my solar chakra and pulled the Page of Swords. (I went back to using Tarot for a bit. I’m a wandering oracle.) To me, this means I should be open to and let myself be excited by new ideas and messages. That’s interesting synchronicity, but I hesitate to start anything new. I fell like I already have too many commitments as it is.

Maybe that’s it. Every time I start something new, I see it a commitment, a project, something I must do. I’m always focused on production and putting my energy out into the world rather than bringing bring energy back to myself. I rarely focus on hobbies as opposed to work. My meditation with Asafoetida reminds me that I have to balance in my life. It’s okay to seek relaxation.

energy work solar chakra meditation divination domagick

You Can’t Just Do Energy Work! #domagick 09

You can find the solar chakra in your navel or solar plexus area. When balanced, it is a bright, clear yellow. It governs our self-esteem, willpower, and confidence. It is often seen as an overall source of energy, vitality, and empowerment.

I have often had problems with the chakra. In the physical sense, worry goes straight to my gut, either killing my appetite or making me queasy from stress. My heart chakra also ran very slowly for a long time, and I believe my solar chakra spun faster to compensate. I also struggle with how to wield power kindly, which makes confidence and empowerment difficult to master. These will be the focus during Loving Kindness meditations for the remainder of this week. Today took me to another doctor’s office, so again I got to practice on the go.

Anyone following along with my Domagick challenge this month might think I’m a big proponent of energy work. After all, I’m spending February cleansing and attuning my chakras—at least in part. Chakra work is the third ingredient in my Domagick work; first I meditate on Loving Kindness and then I conduct a body scan. This is for two very important reasons.

First, I always try to keep the axiom “As Above, So Below” in my mind when undertaking any type of spiritual or magical exercise. In my opinion, this motto emphasizes the connection between the different planes of existence, as well as the connection between body and mind. By exploring and releasing my body’s tension, my later chakra work is made easier. This is because I find my chakras naturally spin better when my body is relaxed.

Second, exercises anchored on the physical plane like body scans strengthen my ability to perform energetic exercises based in the astral. By exploring my body on the physical level through the body scan, I have formed a subconscious map of my body that sits in the back of my mind. Whether I realize I’m drawing on it or not, the memory it is essential to the visualization involved in chakra cleansing and attunement. All visualization demands we drawn on our memories, and memories in turn are rooted in physical sensation. Without experience is like body scans that help us know the real world, we are left with airy fairy pictures of spinning lights and opening flowers of chakras. These may not mean anything to us personally, if we can picture them at all. While I may be able to diagnose chakra imbalances by sound in color, I strongly believe the sounds I “hear” and the colors I “see” may be interpretations of the physical and mental sensations I experience during the body scan. The All is One. As Above, So below. Therefore, repetitive physical exercises like body scans strengthen my ability to do energy work.

It’s for this reason that I recommend all magicians actually cast circle and conduct many spells physically before they start attempting the same in the astral. If you jump straight to doing energy work without physical exercises, your visualization will be weaker. Your magical be weaker. Maybe it will still—but not as well as it could. Instead of building energetic walls of steel, you will be building energetic walls of paper. You won’t be the sledgehammer to bring them down, only a straight thought.

A strong will and mind are vital to effective magick. Today’s divination prompt asked how I can strength my will by becoming more confident. I turned over the REJECTION card. This card urges us to explore whether or not we are working in harmony with our environment and to imagine a place without judgement. It is from there that we should create. And the card is right! That’s the perfect place for a writer to create a first draft! Too bad I’m in the middle of revisions!

sacral chakra meditation divination domagick

An Off Day #Domagick 08

Mundane work won out over magickal work today. I woke up, got dressed, and went straight to my desk this morning without stopping for my Loving Kindness meditation, et cetera, first. That was a mistake. By the time I finished my work day, I was tired enough that I didn’t want to meditate for even a half an hour.  I had to argue with myself to get down on the cushion.

While it was easy enough to extend kindness—and forgiveness—to myself for feeling tired, my chakras had already paid the price. All of them moved sluggishly after a day in my desk chair, especially when all I wanted to do was nap. In fact, that’s exactly what happened when I tried to finish my body scan: I felt asleep. Today, my body simply new best. I didn’t need to reattune my chakras. I just needed to sleep.

It was so late when I woke up that I decided against pulling a daily card. Besides, my body knew best exactly how to nourish my sacral chakra without divination. This chakra the one tied sensuality and pleasure, and it was incredibly pleasing just to sleep for a few hours. Afterwards, I concentrated on basking in Asafoetida’s energy and on connecting with her. It remains soft, subtle, like the smell of rose petals.