I had appointments and ran errands today, so I’m taking it somewhat easy on the #domagic front. I meditated on Crocell and pulled a Tarot card asking him what the result would be if I worked a specific ritual this afternoon. After talking the rite over with someone this morning, I’d begun to have misgivings […]

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I’m cheating today. I’m been in what I like to call Daemonic Sunday School for the majority of the day, so I’m going to count that as my Domagick work. I did some scrying and Tarot reading with Astaroth as part of a group ritual, and she gave me some insight into a creative project. […]

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Demonolatry – What Is It?

The symbol above is often referred to by Daemonolators as the ZD or DZ #sigil. Daemonolators use it to represent #Satan along with eight other deities especially beloved to practitioners. #demonolatry

I don’t typically pay attention to how many people are reading what I write here or on Facebook. I probably should, but the statistics feed my anxiety. For example, accidentally clicking the wrong tab this morning showed me how many people had disliked my Facebook page over the last month—and when. I didn’t need Sherlock […]

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A Plea for Passion

The #sigil of the #demon #Sitri painted with #acrylics. #domagick

DOMAGICK CHALLENGE DAY 24 I started to my Domagic work differently than usual today, with a Tarot reading. I’ve been struggling to feel enthusiastic about a particular writing commitment, so I asked Sitri what I could do to feel passionate about the project again. I turned over the Six of Cups. This card could mean […]

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Trigger Points

DOMAGICK DAYS 22 and 23 When I started this challenge, I said that if I lowered my anxiety at all I would consider it a win. I still experience some panic but I’ve discovered situations that make it flare up. My heart pounds whenever my family’s financial future gets mentioned. Put me in a living […]

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