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Altar of Belphegore: Dalliances with Demons Book 2

She planted roses, but he wants far more…

April Landry had always been drawn to Ten Peaks. When she moved there with David, she never expected him to die on her, and leave her battling his sister, Miriam, for the family estate. Her only solaces are her paintings and the kind check-ins from the young, hunky Brad Peterson next door.

When April plants a rosebush in David’s garden, next to an unfortunate slab of stone, something deep within the mountain awakens and uncovers David’s darkest secrets. She belongs to Him now…

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Into the Abyss

Into the Abyss collects eleven tales of suspense and horror written by some of today’s most formidable magicians. From the toad rite, to chthonic gnosis, to witches, werewolves and ghosts, to gods, daemons, and madmen, these stories are sure to have something for every reader. Pull up the blankets and turn on the lights – take a journey up the river Styx, Into the Abyss. Featuring stories by: William Briar, Audrey Brice, David Owain Hughes, Peter Oliver Wonder, and MORE! Complete Author List: Audrey Brice, A. A. Addams, William Briar, David Owain Hughes, Peter Oliver Wonder, Morgan Drake Eckstein, W. T. Watson, Tanya Jenkins, Jadean Lazulli, Formidine Nex, Mr. Blue.

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