Lenormand Decks – How to Choose One

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All of the Lenormand books I’ve read have included a write-up on how to pick a deck. Rather than regurgitate what those authors have written, I’ll speak from my experience playing with three different sets since the beginning of July. During that time, I’ve familiarized myself with Lenormand symbolism andhave  gotten to the point where […]

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Daemonic Spirit Songs: A How-To Guide

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I’m cheating a little when it comes to the September Domagick challenge. Not on purpose, mind you. Andrieh also encouraged us to embrace the beginner’s mindset and adopt a new hobby. I got a jump on that when I learned how to put together the e-book and print versions of Daemonic Shamanism. The process was […]

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Two Choices Tarot Spread

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(The featured image is from the Sharman-Caselli Tarot deck.) Domagick Day 27 Continued and Day 28 I asked my partner to read my cards last night. He’s trying to learn tarot, and I wanted an outside perspective, so our objectives lined up nicely. I taught him a new tarot spread that lets you compare two […]

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Demonolatry – What Is It?

The symbol above is often referred to by Daemonolators as the ZD or DZ #sigil. Daemonolators use it to represent #Satan along with eight other deities especially beloved to practitioners. #demonolatry

I don’t typically pay attention to how many people are reading what I write here or on Facebook. I probably should, but the statistics feed my anxiety. For example, accidentally clicking the wrong tab this morning showed me how many people had disliked my Facebook page over the last month—and when. I didn’t need Sherlock […]

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