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First Impressions Spread

I took the weekend off from writing here again. Although this may not be good for my reader rate, it certainly benefits my family life. I got to see my son laugh until he cried on Saturday, and it made my heart sing. Sadly, it’s time to get back to work and back to my Month of Spreads posts. Today we were asked to create a spread for a fictional person named Kareem. He is worried about an upcoming job interview. Strangely enough, I came up with the spread for a similar situation just the other day. It is based on a layout I use regularly for the Lenormand called The Above and Below Spread. If you read that entry you may see the similarities. This one, however, focuses on First Impressions.

The First Impressions Spread

Clear your divination device of any prior readings. For example, I’m using Lenormand. That deck is made up of 36 cards and therefore easily dealt into three, four, or six piles. If you’re using Tarot, three or six piles will work well. (For runes or dice, simply shake your set well, either in your hand, bag, or rune cup.) When you are done dealing out your cards, collect the piles in any random order you wish.

Shuffle your deck while thinking of the meeting or interview that is about to take place. Stop when you feel satisfied.

Lay of the cards in the following order:

The Top Card of The Deck – The Conscious Impression You Will Make – This is your outer self.  This includes such things as your appearance, your style of speaking and general manner, any references or credentials you might have, etc.

The Bottom Card of The Deck – The Subconscious Impression That You Will Make –This includes subtle signals they will pick up from you such as body language, hints you might not have noticed you dropped in conversation, “vibes” and your general energy.

Now layout three more cards. In order, these are:

The Events That Led to The Meeting (The Past)

The Meeting Itself (The Event)

The Likely Outcome (The Future)

You can also turn the spread around and ask the cards what you will think about the party you were about to meet. This can be especially important if you are considering some sort of contract or union, i.e. dating, employment, purchase agreement, etc. You can also focus on what your strengths are, whether these are those you’re consciously aware of or those that remain hidden in your psyche. If the meeting is of particular consequence, you want to concentrate on how you can call up your strengths to bring about the outcome you wish to happen.

Regardless of the system of divination you are using, the last three cards, runes, or dice can be read chronologically. If you’re reading this spread with Lenormand, the triplet can also be read as a sentence. The vertical line can be read in the same fashion. Of course, Tarot correspondences could be added to your Lenormand meetings for additional insight.

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Tree Spread: A New Above And Below

I’ve read Tarot and other types of cards for about 30 years now. Something I’ve rarely done in that time is create new spreads. As part of my upcoming seminary training, I have to study divination in depth, and I want to start taking myself to a new level. Or maybe I’m simply going there subconsciously, without even thinking about it. While contemplating one of my favorite poems today, the stanzas started inspiring different Lenormand spreads, including one I’ve named the Tree.

above below lenormand spreads tarot cards fortunetelling treeThe Tree spread isn’t very complicated and relies on a somewhat more metaphorical meaning of the Tree Lenormand card, which can also refer to someone’s “network.” In this case, the Tree refers to the Axis Mundi, the central axis around which the astral plane or Otherworld revolves in shamanic theory. In magick, it is said that what happens on one level of existence is mirrored on another. “As Above, So Below,” in other words. The purpose of this reading is to see how two situations connect in different realms we effect simultaneously: the mundane world and the spirit plane.

This is how you read the Tree:

  1. Shuffle while thinking of your question.
  2. When you are done, turn the cards face up and look specifically for the Tree card in your Lenormand deck.  This isn’t cheating. This is looking for a specific Significator!
  3. When you find the Tree, the card immediately to its left is Below You. This refers to the situation in the day-to-day world, what grounds you, or what is happening on a conscious level.
  4. The card immediately to the right of the Tree refers to situation in the astral plane, what is above you, and what is happening on a spiritual or subconscious level.
  5. For more insight, you can also read the cards as a triplet, but of course the Tree will always factor into the sentence.


  1. Shuffle the cards while considering your question, then cut the cards into three piles.
  2. Turn over the top three cards in these piles. They become cards Below You, the Situation, and Above respectively.
  3. For more insight, you can also read the cards as a triplet.

(You could also use Tarot to read this spread, without the addition of the triplet at the end.)

And I came up with this before my coffee this morning! I hope that your afternoon is as productive as mine. Happy Friday.

(My thanks to Sarah Anne Lawless for her poem, “The God’s Riddle.” What a piece!)

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Tea – How to Share It with Your Ancestors

Tomorrow many Daemonolaters will celebrate the equinox rite of Leviathan, which is traditional held on September 21st of each year. I plan to hold my ritual on the 22nd, when the actual equinox falls in my city. This rite symbolizes the changing of the daemonic elements. This is the time of water, highly apt since I am working with an ancestor who used to find wells with divining rods in addition to the Nine.

The Rite of Leviathan also symbolizes the turning of the Wheel of the Year. Although autumn supposedly starts tomorrow, it is already rained here for several days. I’ve given up ice cold diet colas for warm drinks.

tea ancestors ancestorworship magick domagick candles
Create a space to share a cup of tea with your ancestors. This can be as plain or as elaborate as you like.

If you’re similarly inclined, here’s a way of sharing water in the form of tea with your ancestors.

  1. Create some sort of space to drink tea with your ancestors.
  2. Brew yourself a large cup of your favorite type.
  3. When the tea is the right temperature to drink, pick it up with your left hand and inhale it scent. Truly try to savor it, for you were smelling it for both yourself and your ancestors.
  4. Transfer the cup to your right hand.
  5. Dip the ring finger of your left hand (the one tied directly to your heart) into the tea. Flick your wet finger three times into the air, once for each of the three levels of the Otherworld. Our ancestors and all their wisdom are said to reside in the Lowerworld.
  6. Dip your ring finger into the tea again. Anoint your third eye, your mouth, and your heart.
  7. Drink half of the tea and leave the remainder in a place you have set up for your ancestors. Let them drink from the energy of the tea as it cools.
  8. If you have pets who may knock over the tea, you can dispose of the tea as soon as it has cooled completely, either by drinking it yourself or returning it outside. Otherwise, let the tea sit on your altar for 24 hours before being respectfully returned to earth.

(If you read cards often you may know what I mean by the following statement: today I fell down the reading rabbit hole. What I saw worried me, so one question quickly led to another. Soon I’d read five different spreads about work and finances. I’d even made a phone call to put my concerns to rest! The candles on my altars had burnt low by the time I’d gotten to the heart of the matter. I packed my cards away feeling better, but even so I’m keeping today’s work for this Domagick challenge to myself.)


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Above and Below Spread for Lenormand

The Lenormand can be direct in a way that still surprises me. Yesterday’s reading was Snake + Tree + Gentleman. I read that as “a betrayal to the legacy.” Instead, I felt inspired out of the blue to wear the snake pendant that I purchased for the nine Daemonic Divinities at the beginning of this month. I was wearing it when I asked another priest in training to counsel me about starting ancestor veneration. In this case, I was the snake in the reading! More than that, my disconnection from my family roots could even be seen as a betrayal to their legacy.

The priest advised me to do a reading to see what would come of contacting my ancestors. I decided to use a spread I read about yesterday in The Complete Lenormand Handbook by Caitlin Matthews. It is called Above and Below. It challenges new readers to interpret Lenormand pairs but also triplets. Here’s an overview of how it works:

lenormand lenromandspread tarot tarotspread cards divination fortunetelling
Above and Below Lenormand Spread
  1. Shuffle the cards while considering your question.
  2. Cut the cards into three piles.
  3. Turn over the top three cards in these piles. They become cards 1, 2, and 3 respectively.
  4. Remove the bottom three cards from these piles. They become cards 4, 5, and 6.
  5. Read cards 1 – 3 as a triplet.
  6. Do the same with cards 4 – 6.
  7. Pairs 1 + 4, 2 + 5, and 3 + 6.

For extra insight, you can also read card 1 + 5 + 3 and 4 + 3 + 6 as triplets. Corner cards 1 + 6 and 4 + 3 can be read as pairs too. Of course, how you read the triplets is a matter of preference. You can read them in a past / present / future style or as a “sentence.”

As meditation and offering, I asked the Nine how can I overcome this hurdle with my ancestors magickally. Through the cards, they responded:

When I went through the steps above, I saw several things.

  • I am suspicious of this journey.
  • I fear the rewards from it will diminish over time. Distance from my ancestors has been more important to me then these gifts.
  • Confusion over vision. My clouded vision is ruling the day.
  • Community exists despite my fear of these diminishing returns. Ancestors remain my ancestors.
  • Ancestors at a distance offer more clarity than those up close.
  • Suppressed gifts will diminish over time. Longings diminish once these are explored. Which will lead to the true gift of the garden/community.

Trying to put this is to some sort of cohesive picture:

My suspicions of my ancestors will make the journey more difficult, as will my fear that my time is running out to contact them. I will need to risk growing closer with them if I want to receive their wisdom. Suppressed gifts diminish over time.

ancestorworship ancestor family frog toads ancestral familytree
“Ancestor Toad” by William Briar

With this advice in mind, I set up a small altar where I can leave offerings to my maternal grandfather. He was a water witch who used to find wells with divining rods. He was also something of a trickster and used to tease me for being “suckaninny” as a child. I put toads for that reason on his altar: for he was as slippery as one, but I am the one to possess their thin skin.

We are linked that way, in the water that flows beneath our flesh, back to the place where we all begin.

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Lenormand Decks – How to Choose One

All of the Lenormand books I’ve read have included a write-up on how to pick a deck. Rather than regurgitate what those authors have written, I’ll speak from my experience playing with three different sets since the beginning of July. During that time, I’ve familiarized myself with Lenormand symbolism andhave  gotten to the point where I can understand “sentences” of three Lenormand cards added together.

Unless you are an experienced card-reader, I’d suggest ignoring ornate or themed decks when you are first learning Lenomand. Pretty decks will undoubtedly catch your eye. And why not? A great deal of time and effort goes into creating each card. In a way, that’s almost the problem. Lenormand imagery is meant to be simple. You shouldn’t need to interpret an elaborate story to understand a card’s meaning. Keep that in mind before you purchase fancy Lenormand sets, especially if you want to memorize the meanings quickly.

You might want avoid Lenormand decks that feature playing card inserts too.

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These Lenormand cards feature playing card inserts.

Lenormand’s fortune-telling system evolved from another type of card-reading called Piquet. Piquet used partial decks of normal playing cards, which explains Lenormand’s inserts. Caitlin Matthews demonstrates how you can weave together the meanings of Lenormand cards and their matching inserts in The Complete Lenormand Oracle Handbook, but this complex style of reading style is far beyond the scope of my beginner’s challenge.

If you live in a smaller area, however, you may have to buy a Lenormand deck on the internet. Lenormand isn’t as popular as Tarot yet, so there aren’t as many options available in occult shops. Quite a few of the nice decks currently available are being produced by smaller companies too, and this can ordering them difficult if you live outside of the United States. I felt lucky when I came across a small selection at my local Pagan store, even if none of the decks were exactly what I’d hoped.

Hopefully, anyone else wanting to give Lenormand a try for the upcoming Domagick challenge can learn from my purchases and find the deck of their dreams.You can even give my cheat-sheat a try to help you get started on the meanings.


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Energy – How to Send Prayers and Healing

People of many faiths light candles in times of crisis. What happens once the flame is lit varies from religion to religion, but usually prayers are said on for those in need. Healing energy may also be sent directly to those hurting. While some people may think this a modern practice made popular by today’s Pagans and New-Agers, this simply isn’t the case. History shows that shamans also sent out attending spirits to heal and aid the people under their care. Having a friend ask you to “send good vibes” certainly sounds less complicated… but that doesn’t mean you necessarily know where to begin.

If you wish to send someone prayers or healing today, visualize kneeling at the edge of a small stream. Its water is pure and crystalline—so clear that you can see light dance on the smooth stones at the stream’s bottom. Watch the water for a moment. You may purify yourself or drink from it if you wish. When you are done, take a deep breath and inhale beauty of the place around you.

Now turn to your left. You will see an unlit candle sitting in the grass at your side. Take it in your hand. Channel your warmth, compassion, and healing into the candle, picturing the person you wish to help. (If you simply wish to send good will into the universe, you can envision that too.) The wick begins to smolder, then bursts into flame. Once the candle is ablaze, set it in the stream.

Watch as the candle floats away, carrying your energy to those in need of aid and comfort. Its light bobs on the water, growing smaller and smaller until into disappears completely. Know that your assistance has been received.

If you feel the need, you can drink from the stream again to replenish yourself. When you feel your time with the stream is done, thank the water and return to your regular day. Ground yourself by having something to eat and drink.

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Daemonic Spirit Songs: A How-To Guide

#spiritsongs The cover of the print version of #DaemonicShamanism #demonicshamanism by #WilliamBriar. #demons #demonolatry #daemonolatry #shamans DAemons
The cover of the print version of Daemonic Shamanism by William Briar.

I’m cheating a little when it comes to the September Domagick challenge. Not on purpose, mind you. Andrieh also encouraged us to embrace the beginner’s mindset and adopt a new hobby. I got a jump on that when I learned how to put together the e-book and print versions of Daemonic Shamanism.

The process was much more difficult than I’d expected. I had thought my other computer skills would somehow give me an edge, but I felt like an utter notice instead. I’m still worrying I did something wrong!

Even so, I’m itching to play with those tools again. The last couple challenges have proved I love design, and this is a whole new realm for me to play in if nothing else. I should understand the online software far better by the time I complete my next manuscript.

What that book will be about, I don’t know. I’m plodding back and forth between a few projects right now, with all of them in their infancy. None of them feels like the “one” yet, but that’s okay. For now, I’m satisfied with my work, albeit slow-going. On the other hand, I was asked recently why I hadn’t put together a different drumming pattern for each of the daemons mentioned in Daemonic Shamanism. I suppose I could record something like that as a follow-up if enough people were interested. Those rhythms would be classified as spirit songs, however.

Spirit songs can contain lyrics or be entirely instrumental. These songs act as conversations between the singer and the intended spirit, like a prayer. They can be used as invocations, praise, or requests. If sung with full intent and directed energy, spirit songs can also be used as offerings and the focus of an entire rite.

Unfortunately, opening up like this can be difficult for many people in group settings like drumming circles. It is for that reason that I feel it is easiest to come up with new spirit songs in private. Besides which, my spirit song for Lucifer may not work for others. When I invoke him with song, I envision a canary I had a child and try to mimic its tweets. My whistling would likely disappoint those wanting a 4/4 beat!

To Create a Daemonic Spirit Song

Begin by constructing a balanced elemental circle. If you are planning on journeying afterwards, makes sure to take the additional directions discussed in Daemonic Shamanism into account. When you’re done, sit in the center with your back straight but not rigid. Take a few deep breaths to still your mind.

Slowly chant or sing an enn of your choosing over and over under your breath. Set a beat by clapping your hands. (You can play a drum or rattle if you have them.)

You may feel the urge to speed the enn up or get louder. Go with it. Go with your fumbles too. It’s okay to screw up. Just give the spirit song all you have, concentrating on whatever you want to tell the spirit. When you feel the conversation coming to an end, change rhythm sharply to signal this. If you’ve read Daemonic Shamanism, use your personal callback. Either way, bring the song to a close.

If you have more work you wish to do, continue your rite. If not, thank the spirit for their presence and open your circle. Make sure to ground yourself when you are done.

For more information on daemonic enns or detailed instructions on how to cast a balanced elemental circle, please pick up S. Connolly’s Complete Book of Demonolatry.

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Two Choices Tarot Spread

(The featured image is from the Sharman-Caselli Tarot deck.)

Domagick Day 27 Continued and Day 28

I asked my partner to read my cards last night. He’s trying to learn tarot, and I wanted an outside perspective, so our objectives lined up nicely. I taught him a new tarot spread that lets you compare two choices.

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The cards I pulled for his reading should have made my decision very clear—especially since they came up again later in the evening during a quick reading I did for myself. Still, my mind remains troubled today. I charged the key tag I carry for Camio with a long enough walk to tire myself out, then prayed and asked for his guidance again.

Today’s Tarot card: The Devil, Reversed. Being bound by fear and anxiety. When I pulled this I started laughing. Yet Camio isn’t being facetious. Life decisions shouldn’t be made from a place of anxiety.

This week for Vapula I have concentrated on learning more about the tools I’m using. Today I tested Kohinoor pencil crayons on Bee marker paper. I hadn’t expected the pencil crayons to work well due to the paper’s slick surface but the test patches looked beautiful. The coverage felt smooth too. I look forward to playing with this some more.