June Domagick Day 2

My Domagick activities today were light on the magick and heavy on the do. I charged my Vapula talisman as planned with an hour long walk in the middle of the day. Honestly, my knees needed it too. The weather here shifted towards rain last night, and every bit of me aches. Mental pursuits ate […]

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Domagick June and July Plans

The technical college I applied to accepted me! I’m going back to school to become a graphic designer. Considering how big of a lifestyle change this is for me, I will focus my Domagick efforts over the next two months on creating a Daemonic Back to School Kit. By creating enchanted objects, I will draw […]

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DOMAGICK DAY 29 Earlier in the month, I’d figured out that I connect how much I earn to how much I feel I’m worth, and I’d begun trying to separate the two by planning activities that focus on non-monetary achievement. Unfortunately, looking at my family’s budget last night made me feel guilty for signing up […]

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