Card Readings by Will

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Will is a Daemonolater and shamanic practitioner with thirty years of experience in divination. He uses Tarot, Lenormand, Daemonic sigils, and Animal Oracle cards to help put situations into perspective and bring clarity to the issues at hand.

Readings include a digital photo of the cards as well as a written interpretation, both sent within one week of payment or less. Skype readings are available for an additional fee. First come, first served. Readings fees must be paid up front to schedule. Payment details at bottom.

Available Readings

1 Card Draw – Looking for a quick bit of insight or a touch of daily guidance? One card draws can focus a single, specific question or area of interest, or can be pulled as a general reading. (Please note: Two cards will be drawn for Lenormand – an excellent buy!) $5

3 Card Draw – Need more insight or a wider perspective than a single card draw can provide? A three card draw can be tailored to a specific question or pulled as a general reading. Can use any deck. $10

For and Against – Past / Present / Future plus forces working for and against the outcome you desire. Can use any deck. $20

As Above, So Below – Past / Present / Future plus the conscious and subconscious motives. Can use any deck. $20

As Above, So Below for Magicians – Past / Present / Future plus how the issue is manifesting in the mundane and spiritual realms. Can use any deck. $20

The Month Ahead BASIC – Five-card draw to provide you a quick look into the month ahead. Can use any deck. $20

The Month Ahead EXPANDED – This eleven-card spread expands on the one above, providing a monthly forecast in four different aspects of life, as well as how to get the best out of the month overall. Can use any deck. $45

Two Choices – A ten-card spread for when need to compare two options. Can use any deck. $35

Celtic Cross – For a deep look at a situation or issue from multiple perspectives. Ideally suited for the Tarot, but can use any deck except Lenormand (see below). $35

Mini-Tableau – Nine card spread that looks at an issue on multiple levels or perspectives over time. Comparable to the Celtic Cross, but ideally for Lenormand (see above) $30

Wheel of the Year – See what the year ahead will bring, splitting it by the eight typical Pagan holidays (nine or more cards, $40) or by the twelve months of the year (twelve or more cards, $60). Can use Tarot for a general reading of the events that will touch your life, or can use Daemonic Sigils or Animal Oracle cards to focus on the events that will affect your life AND the spirit willing to help you deal with those effects during that time.

Payment Details

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Paypal: (All prices in US Dollars. Please specify question and type of reading when making payment.)