Card Readings by Will Briar

Will is an occult practitioner and witch with thirty years of experience in divination. He uses Tarot, Lenormand, Oracle cards and Daemonic Sigils to help put situations into perspective and bring clarity to the issues at hand.

All of Will’s readings include a digital photo of the cards drawn, plus written interpretation, typically returned to you within 48 – 72 hours. (Times may vary depending on bookings.) Fees must be paid up front to schedule a reading. First come, first served. All prices in US Dollars, to be sent via PayPal. No refunds whatsoever.

Important! Please make sure to contact Will at to discuss your question and confirm the fee for the reading before sending any payment. This way Will can guarantee he is available and can meet your needs.

Available Readings

3 Card Draw – Looking for a quick bit of insight? Three card draws best focus on a single, specific question or area of interest. Can use any deck. $10

5 Card Draw – Can be tailored to a specific question, but also can give you a general reading for the month ahead. Can use any deck. $20

Two Choices – A ten-card spread for when need to compare two options. Can use any deck. $35

Celtic Cross – For a deep look at a situation or issue from multiple perspectives. Ideally suited to the Tarot, but can use any deck. $35

Mini-Tableau – This nine-card spread that looks at an issue on multiple levels or perspectives over time. Comparable to the Celtic Cross, but ideally suited to Lenormand. $30

Wheel of the Year – See what the year ahead will bring, splitting it by the eight typical Pagan holidays (nine or more cards, $40) or by the twelve months of the year (twelve or more cards, $60). This reading can use Tarot or Lenormand for a general look at the events that will touch your life, or can use Daemonic Sigils or Animal Oracle cards to focus on the events that will affect your life AND the spirit willing to help you deal with those events during that time.

Will is more than willing to work together with you and come up with a card spread suited to your particular problem or situation. Inquire today.